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Official Network Girls in Tech

Girls in Tech is a social network enterprise focused on the engagement, education and empowerment of like-minded, professional, intelligent and influential women in technology.

Official Network Squatters The Series

Meet Hank & Alex. They are homeless. Squatters is the award-winning online series about two best friends who make a bet to see who can last in New York City the longest without paying rent!

Planners Worldwide

A Network for planners, strategists, and all round like-minded curious thinkers or tinkerers, whatever your official job title is. Travel and share ideas with other planners wherever you go, and meet traveling planners passing through your city.


Welcome to the Tripping Community City Network for Rome. Have fun using this Network to connect with locals and travelers in Malaysia!


BUNAC offers a range of exciting work abroad and volunteer abroad programmes. BUNAC is the work and travel expert and has been helping young people work and volunteer abroad since 1962.

Thirsty Swagman

From our round-the-world pub crawl, to our incredible drinking adventures through Europe, America and Asia, Thirsty Swagman will take you to the coolest and most outrageous watering holes on the planet.


Sponsored by Tripping's Do Good Things initiative, the Volunteer Network is a place for you to connect with like-minded Trippers and get involved with volunteer programs around the world.

Official Network GO International

GO International is a work and travel provider that delivers highly recognized work and travel, teach abroad and volunteer abroad programs to their customers around the world..

Official Network This Is My City

This Is My City is a new reality travel show in which two freewheeling Brooklynites, Thomas and Tim, let total strangers guide them through the world's greatest cities.

Hostel Lovers

Cannot find a host? Do you just love staying in hostels and connecting with travelers from around the globe? This network is dedicated to fostering those connections and giving you a chance to meet up with other hostel goers around the world!

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