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This Community Network is for all the Artists in the Tripping Community. Whether you love to paint, dance or sculpt - this is your space to connect with other artists around the world for fun and collaboration!
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  1. Jack
    Jack, Esbon
    We just had another great Esbon Fest. Unfortunately my home is not yet open to the public. You can find updates here. Thank you for looking.
    03 September 2013    Like · Comment
  2. Amy
    Amy, Belchertown
    I am in Portland, Oregon. Is anyone else in or from Portland? Thanks, Amy.
    17 January 2013    Like · Comment
  3. Kevin
    Kevin, Cambridge
    great accommodations here in Cambridge, two short blocks to lively Davis Square and the red line branch of the T
    08 November 2012    Like · Comment
  4. Alex
    Alex, Lucknow
    Hi .. Artists wanting to travel to north India, I would be happy to assist or if you coming to my city then can stay with me.. i paint and would be happy to exchange local ideas...
    08 October 2012    Like · Comment
  5. Jack
    Jack, Esbon
    Esbon fest is on August 11th. Everyone is welcome and can camp out for the night if there are no rooms left available in the area. Esbon Kansas is not far from the center of the united states. The locals are very friendly and like to have a good time. Its deep in the plains of Kansas so make sure to be prepared with all your needs. There will be food available till about 6pm and beer is available all night. Volley ball, mud drags, car show and wheel chair racing are a few of the activities to participate in or watch. Hope to see you there.
    17 July 2012    Like · Comment
  6. Kate
    Hey! Trying to find a good spot in the Bay Area for reasonably priced art supplies -- anyone have any suggestions?
    18 June 2012    Like · Comment
  7. ,
    New member just saying hi.
    The Flaneur art blog | Independent art and culture newspaper
    The Flaneur is an indie art blog and culture website and paper with reviews, fiction, art and humour from around the world.
    11 April 2012    Like · Comment
  8. Jack
    Jack, Esbon
    Not sure if I am going to be able to host for another year. I am putting in a deck and a larger garden. But for artists on the trip if you are going through Kansas anyway in the middle of August in my little town we have a festival called the Esbon Fest. Its lots of fun for being in the middle of nowhere and you would be welcome to camp out on my property. Keep in touch.
    26 March 2012    Like · Comment
    1. artists
      Cool! Sounds fun. :)
      26 March 2012
  9. michelle
    michelle, Bridgeport
    Hi everyone- I am an Artist, a writer. I am mostly into Poetry and Song. I love Music, Art and people who are a little different. I would love to do a meet up-any Art related topic will usually interest me.-again, Music. i am easygoing..thanks, peace, love, and light.
    24 March 2012    Like · Comment
  10. aleks
    aleks, Varna
    Hey..nice to meet you...i'm Alex ...i dance..i draw...i play sometimes drums..soo my life is full with art... :) If you want host ..i have room for 2 people :)
    26 December 2011    Like · Comment
    1. michelle
      michelle, Bridgeport
      I want to learn drums, i write and play guitar. Nice to meet.
      24 March 2012
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