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  1. Kelly
    Kelly, Miami
    Will be backpacking with my boyfriend to Iceland, Germany and along East Europe end of March . Would love to be hosted, coffee or any volunteering suggestions.
    30 January 2013    Like · Comment
  2. Jack
    Jack, West Des Moines
    Any cycling Trippers on tour out there?
    21 January 2013    Like · Comment
  3. Alex
    Alex, Lucknow
    Hi .. Anybody wanting to travel to north India, I would be happy to assist or if you coming to my city then can stay with me..
    08 October 2012    Like · Comment
  4. Perry
    Traveling to Texas from Colorado tomorrow, will be heading east towards the end of August if anyone's looking for a ride.
    23 July 2012    Like · Comment
  5. Joseph And Natoyah
    Joseph And Natoyah, Fairfax
    We are setting out on our new adventure! Cutting all of our junk down to what we NEED and are heading out by car to explore our great country, USA. We hope to explore new communities and places, learn new things, share our stories and make new friends! Would you be willing to host us :) we're a great family if you ask me lol
    Follow the Swifts as they travel and explore different cultures and communities; sharing and learning about themselves and the world around them.
    18 July 2012    Like · Comment
  6. Eric
    Eric, Mount Shasta
    Anybody traveling in Madrid right now!
    20 June 2012    Like · Comment
    1. Jen
      Jen, San Francisco
      I wish! Have you heard of the Botin restaurant in Madrid? It's supposed to be the oldest restaurant in the world -
      20 June 2012
    2. Eric
      Eric, Mount Shasta
      No I hadn't! Thanks for the pointer! My research buddies and I will check it out! I'll let you know how it is!
      20 June 2012
  7. Constantijn
    Constantijn, Monnickendam
    Hi, my name is Constantijn i live close to Amsterdam!.
    There is a good bus Connexion to my small city where i live, and it will be somthing different than Amsterdam to stay!.
    You can stay here and see some of the country side and go anyway to Amsterdam!.
    And let me know if you come to Monnickendam!!!!.
    30 January 2012    Like · Comment
  8. Eric
    Eric, Siem Reap
    Hi, I am a Filipino currently volunteering in Warsaw, Poland. In case, you will visit Warsaw..let me know.
    19 January 2012    Like · Comment
  9. Danielle
    Danielle, Winnipeg
    Hey! I'm a Canadian Chick looking to meet people fellow travelers while I'm in London this summer. :)
    07 December 2011    Like · Comment
  10. Lisa
    Lisa, Lombard
    May be driving cross country from Chicago to California late November, looking for a fellow nomad tripper to share driving, gas money and lots of silliness on the adventure :)
    30 October 2011    Like · Comment
  11. Nishan
    Nishan, Badulla
    anyone interested in traveling Sri Lanka, check my blog
    04 September 2011    Like · Comment
  12. Marc
    Marc, Baltimore
    Be safe to everyone out there!
    30 August 2011    Like · Comment
  13. Thomas
    Thomas, New York City
    Hey tripping trippers!

    Feel like watching some entertaining television while you're on the road? Check out a brand new reality travel show called This Is My City, made by some like-minded travelers namely myself and my friend Tim.

    In the show, we let total strangers guide us through the world’s greatest cities. For each episode, we find a local who is willing to show us what life is really like in Reykjavik, Belgrade, Beijing, and six other global metropolises.

    If Tripping were a TV show, it would be called This Is My City. It's about two friends who go out to learn about the world through new friends.

    We made the show off our own bat and we’re currently trying to get Season One on the air. We need your help to make it happen.

    So join our Tripping network, watch our trailer, season preview and Reykjavik pilot and if you like what you see, take a minute to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook.

    This Is My City Network
    Tripping is a community of travelers who believe cultural exchange makes the world a better place. Step off the tourist track and meet locals for coffee, conversation, couch surfing and free home stays. Tripping is the future of travel.
    30 August 2011    Like · Comment
  14. Rita Andrea
    Rita Andrea, Hungary

    I am a Hungarian girl who wants to see almost everything in a very few time... Last year I saw the West Coast and this year I wanna see the East Coast.
    As I can't stay too long, I decided to take some bus trips and I am searching some travelmates.

    I planned to go on 7th Sept. to a 2-day tour to Philadelphia, Washington DC, Shenandoah Caverns and Baltimore. You can check this here:

    And on 9th Sept. to Niagara Falls and to 1000 islands (

    If we are two, the price is much cheaper than going alone..

    If you are interested in it, please contact me!

    Rita (
    22 August 2011    Like · Comment
  15. Henrike
    Henrike, Stuttgart
    we're going to make a road trip from New York to Miami. Do you have any suggestions what we must not miss on this way?
    03 August 2011    Like · Comment
  16. Charlie
    Charlie, Cherry Hill
    Travelling to Buenos Aires, Argentina from July 21 - 25th.
    - Any advice on cell phone service to be able to call the US?
    - Any recommendations on dance clubs in buenos aires?

    10 July 2011    Like · Comment
  17. Guillaume
    Guillaume, London
    Hello Folks! Who is interested to road trip/hitchhike in the USA?

    In September: New York Chicago Omaha Denver Yellowstone Salt Lake San Francisco Los Angeles
    In October: Los Angeles Las Vegas Gran Canyon national parks... New York

    It's a rough draft and of course any other ideas are welcome!
    I've already my ticket and my return is 31st October, so I can't move my dates...

    Let me know here or MP if you're up!

    Guillaume (very new "tripping" user)
    21 June 2011    Like · Comment
  18. Peter
    Peter, Ben Lomond
    I'm off to Cornwall, England next week. Anyone down that way?
    29 March 2011    Like · Comment
  19. Janeen
    Janeen, Kingston
    Hello Trippers
    27 February 2011    Like · Comment
    1. Jen
      Jen, San Francisco
      Hello Janeen!
      10 May 2011
    2. Kitty
      Kitty, London
      lol hi guys :-)
      12 May 2011
  20. trippers
    Hey Everyone! Where is your next trip taking you?
    23 January 2011    Like · Comment
    1. Jeffrey
      Jeffrey, New York City
      I really hope it is South America. Brazil or Argentina would be amazing destinations this summer!
      23 January 2011
    2. Lauren
      Lauren, San Francisco
      To the desert for Coachella Music Festival!
      31 January 2011
    3. Jen
      Jen, San Francisco
      My sister and I have been talking about going to Peru, though I'd also love to head to Eastern Europe this summer. There are so many amazing places - it's so hard to pick!
      09 February 2011
    4. Constantijn
      Constantijn, Monnickendam
      I will go for a City trip to Brussels(B).
      From 26 April till 29 April!.
      And 30 April there will be queensday in The Netherlands!!.
      18 March 2011
    5. Emily
      Emily, Milford Haven
      From the UK and I am currently in British Columbia, next stop is Washington State in a couple of weeks!
      29 March 2011
    6. Eric
      Eric, Nowhere
      Koh Tao and Koh Phangan in Thailand (now that the flood waters have receded). Leaving tomorrow. W00t.
      02 April 2011
    7. Kitty
      Kitty, London
      St Lucia next for me.
      12 May 2011
    8. Roza
      Roza, Los Angeles
      Yerevan, Armenia! I can't wait :)
      04 August 2011
    9. Kari
      Kari, Boston
      I leave for Krakow, Poland in a few days!
      01 September 2011
    10. Alejandro
      Alejandro, Barcelona
      To New Zeland, from Barcelona
      16 September 2011
  21. Tripping
    Tripping, San Francisco
    Welcome to the Community Network for Trippers! Enjoy connecting and meeting up with fellow Trippers as you journey around the world. Happy Travels!
    12 January 2011    Like · Comment
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