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  1. mycampmate
    The place I most would like to travel to is _________.
    Facebook 26 July 2013    Like · Comment
  2. mycampmate
    We wanna know... What is the best piece of travel advice you’ve ever received?
    Facebook 22 July 2013    Like · Comment
  3. mycampmate
    My favorite snack to bring camping is _______.
    Facebook 20 July 2013    Like · Comment
  4. mycampmate
    Hey followers! A member of our community has a question that he's hoping you can help him with.

    "Looking for a desolate lake to backpack for a couple days in Northern California."

    Leave a comment letting him know where you love to go!
    Facebook 16 July 2013    Like · Comment
  5. mycampmate
    Tag #mycampmate when you post pictures on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram! Send us your pictures so we can share them on #Instagram and let people know where our community is traveling!
    Facebook 15 July 2013    Like · Comment
  6. mycampmate
    Hey all you Northern California RVers! All Seasons RV Center is giving away a RV air purifier worth $130! Click the link below to enter to win!
    All Seasons RV Center
    Have you entered our giveaway this month? If not here's the link: What are you waiting for?
    Facebook 10 July 2013    Like · Comment
  7. mycampmate
    Fourth of July may have been yesterday but in many areas the celebration continues all weekend! Check your local communities' event calendar to see what may be going on!
    Facebook 05 July 2013    Like · Comment
  8. mycampmate
    Shark Warning Sign a Hoax
    By Andrea Swayne The photo of a “shark warning” sign circulating on the Internet Monday is a hoax, said San Clemente State Beach officials. The sign included a line drawing of a shark, the Californ...
    Facebook 03 July 2013    Like · Comment
  9. mycampmate
    Pinning the places you love on our map helps out others in our community. Are you pinning?
    Facebook 01 July 2013    Like · Comment
  10. mycampmate
    If you’re going to go hiking, why not hike to a waterfall so you can cool off? Camp California has listed some of California’s waterfalls by region for you:
    Facebook 25 June 2013    Like · Comment
  11. mycampmate
    If you’re looking to replace or upgrade some of your outdoor gear check out some reviews here:
    OutdoorGearLab | Reviews
    OutdoorGearLab provides the world's best reviews of outdoors gear — hands-on, objective, and based on side-by-side comparison — written by outdoor professionals.
    Facebook 18 June 2013    Like · Comment
  12. mycampmate
    If you took Dad camping this past weekend, why not drop a pin and let our growing community where they should check out this camping season!
    Facebook 17 June 2013    Like · Comment
  13. mycampmate
    Hey Northern Californians!! Looking for somewhere to take Dad this weekend? Why not check out the Isleton Cajun & Blues Festival!
    Welcome to the Isleton Cajun & Blues Festival — a family-friendly weekend of great Zydeco and Cajun music, a feast of Bayou cuisine, exciting vendors, street entertainers, and kid-pleasing amusements — hosted every Fathers Day weekend by the Isleton Chamber of Commerce. Enjoy true Delta hospitality...
    Facebook 14 June 2013    Like · Comment
  14. mycampmate
    In honor of it being National Fresh Fruit & Veggies Month why not visit a local farmers market!! You can find one near you here: | Find Your Local Farmers Market!
    An online community of farmers, food producers, and farmers markets. Find local food near you through our searchable up-to-date directory of vendors and markets in your area. Vendors, set up your online booth on today.
    Facebook 11 June 2013    Like · Comment
  15. mycampmate
    Are you remembering to drop some pins when you are out traveling? Our community wants to know where you are going, what you loved, where you won’t be going again!
    Facebook 10 June 2013    Like · Comment
  16. mycampmate
    Hey followers!! We have someone looking for fun, family campgrounds in Central California... Can anyone give her some ideas? Thanks in advance!
    Facebook 05 June 2013    Like · Comment
  17. mycampmate
    Did you know that there are free fishing days for every state? If you are just wanting to try it out before paying the license fee, check here for your states free fishing days!
    Facebook 04 June 2013    Like · Comment
  18. mycampmate
    The first week in June is National Fishing Week! Use the myCampmate app to find a spot where someone else has been lucky or better yet pin a place that you know about!
    Login and join the conversation in the myCampmate Desktop app
    Facebook 03 June 2013    Like · Comment
  19. mycampmate
    Summer time means the return of fairs and even better fair food!! Find a fair near you! - County Fairs USA , Blog, Music, Rodeos, BBQ, Fairs
    April 21, 2013 Administrator1 CommentBull Riders, A Tribute to Bull Riders Everywhere2013, Bull Rider, RodeoThis was posted April 14th on YouTube and I could really, not resist passing it on. Its way way cool. Bull Riders do not often get enough attention. Do they? This is Doug Welborn’s new rodeo s...
    Facebook 31 May 2013    Like · Comment
  20. mycampmate
    Remember to share your outdoor/camping photos with us to share as our cover photo and on Instagram!
    Facebook 30 May 2013    Like · Comment
  21. mycampmate
    Looking for the perfect sleeping bag? Check out some of the best here from, ultra lightweight to super warm.
    6 Sweet Sleeping Bags | Backpacker Magazine
    From ultra-warm to ultralight, here are the year's best-performing bags in every category.
    Facebook 28 May 2013    Like · Comment
  22. mycampmate
    We know a lot of you are going to be camping, vacationing, grilling and in general having a blast this weekend and all summer long! So why not share with us! We'd love to feature your photos on Facebook and Instagram all summer long, so post them to our Facebook page or send them to and watch your feed for your photos!
    Facebook 24 May 2013    Like · Comment
  23. mycampmate
    Don’t miss the 40th Annual Sacramento Music Festival this weekend in Old Sacramento! For info, including prices and schedules click the link!
    Sacramento Music Festival
    As always, it’s one GIANT PARTY in Old Sac and surrounding hotel ballrooms pulsing with the rhythms of jazz, swing, blues, zydeco, rockabilly, bluegrass, Latin music and more. There will be dancing in the streets! Music will be running morning, noon, and midnight. We’ll offer specialty concerts and…
    Facebook 24 May 2013    Like · Comment
  24. mycampmate
    Hey tent campers! Looking for a new tent? Check out these reviews:
    Best Family Camping Tent Reviews 2013
    Looking for a big enough tent to hold your whole family yet still be able to go camping with it? You can find tents in just about any size or style that are big enough to hold even the largest family or group of people. For all the beginner campers or outd...
    Facebook 21 May 2013    Like · Comment
  25. mycampmate
    Hey Community!! We have a family with small children heading up to Keizer, Oregon from the Sacramento area mid-June. They are looking for ideas of places stay, where to eat, kid travel tips, which rest stops stay away from etc. Please leave a comment if you have something to offer!
    Facebook 17 May 2013    Like · Comment
  26. mycampmate
    May 18-24th is National Boating Safety Week. We want you to stay safe on the water this summer! Click the link for some tips!
    United States Coast Guard
    Facebook 17 May 2013    Like · Comment
  27. mycampmate
    Looking to upgrade your camping chair? Take a look at the best!
    Top Camp Chair Awards announced by for Editorsâ Choice, Best Buy and Top Picks awards. Coleman Oversize Quad Chair with Cooler â Winner of the Editorsâ Choice award for 2013. According to Gear Devon Chance, It is extremely comfortable and has tons of storag...
    Facebook 14 May 2013    Like · Comment
  28. mycampmate
    Thanks for all the new likes over the past week! We appreciate it and hope you enjoy our mobile app too!
    Facebook 10 May 2013    Like · Comment
  29. mycampmate
    Red, ripe strawberries are a sure sign that summer is just about here! Celebrate this sweet fruit at the annual Berryfest in Roseville, CA at the Placer County Fairgrounds.
    to share information about the Strawberry Festival in Roseville CA
    Facebook 10 May 2013    Like · Comment
  30. mycampmate
    Pick the state and learn about the parks and attractions!!
    Road Trip USA-Home
    Facebook 07 May 2013    Like · Comment
  31. mycampmate
    We here at myCampmate support our soldiers and this guy is doing something pretty selfless for our wounded soldiers! Thanks to our friends at California Camping for bringing this young man to our attention. Please visit his FB page All Ober America or website for more info and SHARE THIS POST so it reaches more people and raises more awareness!
    Lets run all Ober
    Fundraiser to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project
    Facebook 29 April 2013    Like · Comment
  32. mycampmate
    We had a great weekend... hope you did to... let us know what you did or where you went!
    Facebook 29 April 2013    Like · Comment
  33. mycampmate
    The weather is warming and many of you are planning vacations. Head to our friends at Camp California to find a campground or RV park near where you are heading in California.
    Camp California!  The Guide for Camping and RVing in California
    Full service camping reservation service for campgrounds and camping in California and Nevada. Search over 400 campgrounds, make camping reservations, and get camping discounts.
    Facebook 28 April 2013    Like · Comment
  34. mycampmate
    Get away and grab a brew at the San Francisco International Beer Fest!
    San Francisco International Beerfest
    All proceeds from the San Francisco International Beer Festival benefit the Telegraph Hill Cooperative Nursery School. Seriously.
    Facebook 27 April 2013    Like · Comment
  35. mycampmate
    Calling all asparagus lovers!!
    The Stockton Asparagus Festival is this weekend!
    Stockton Asparagus Festival
    We have added another dog show to the Festival, The Extreme Canine Stunt Dog Show. Make sure you save time to check out the Skyy Dog Arena at 11am, 1pm or 3pm all three days!
    Facebook 24 April 2013    Like · Comment
  36. mycampmate
    One of the best ways to help the planet is to teach the next generation to have an appreciation for nature. Take them camping, hiking, fishing, etc. at a young age so they learn to unplug and enjoy their surroundings.
    Facebook 21 April 2013    Like · Comment
  37. mycampmate
    Looking for something to do? Lots of Earth Day celebrations going on this weekend. Find one in your area.
    Facebook 20 April 2013    Like · Comment
  38. mycampmate
    Looking for something to do this weekend? Head to Redding for the Kool April Nites classic car show.
    Ladies and Gentlemen, start your web browsers Wake up and smell the exhaust fumes! Hear the roar of the hot engines... Gawk at the custom paint.... taste the old-fashioned burgers at that 50's joint out on Highway 273. The 24th annual Kool April Nites will run April 13 through 21, 2013! Great cars,…
    Facebook 13 April 2013    Like · Comment
  39. mycampmate
    Are you on Instagram? If not, what are you waiting for?!? If you are be sure to follow us and share pictures of your outdoor adventures with us using #mycampmate.
    mycampmate on Instagram
    Facebook 09 April 2013    Like · Comment
  40. mycampmate
    Thanks for the likes Andi and Barbara!
    Facebook 09 April 2013    Like · Comment
  41. mycampmate
    Did you know that myCampmate has a Pinterest page? It is a great place to find some outdoor tips, camping recipes and new places to vacation. Check it out!
    myCampmate (mycampmate)
    myCampmate is using Pinterest, an online pinboard to collect and share what inspires you.
    Facebook 03 April 2013    Like · Comment
  42. mycampmate
    Don't know about you, but we don't really like to do dishes while we are camping. Spend more time enjoying the trip and less time cleaning with this suggestion from
    Freezer Bag Cooking in the Back Country
    On your next ATV camping adventure, a great supplement to your campsite gourmet cooked meals is freezer bag cooking for quick meals with minimal cleanup.
    Facebook 06 March 2013    Like · Comment
  43. mycampmate
    Paddling Fan, our good friend on Twitter shared this with us. We think it would make a great addition to your office...sometime to play with when you are board...and to remind you where you would rather be.
    Hog Wild Toys
    Camper Joe includes posable magnetic camper with fishing rod, fish, grill, two logs, roasting stick with hot dog and frying pan. That boy is hungry!
    Facebook 27 February 2013    Like · Comment
  44. mycampmate
    With camping season just around the corner, we figured you might be looking for some ideas of what to feast on while around the camp fire.
    O'Mordha Outdoors: Campin and Camp Cookin' Done Right
    Facebook 21 February 2013    Like · Comment
  45. mycampmate
    New blog post from our friends over at Pioneer RV Park!

    Anyone live up near Quincy, CA?
    Pioneer RV Park Blog: Plumas County is a Winter Playground!
    Facebook 20 February 2013    Like · Comment
  46. mycampmate
    A little something for our NorCal friends. Check out this Lake Berryessa bass fishing report. Why not share the links to fishing reports where you are at?
    lake berryessa fishing report | rbbassfishing
    Water Temp 50-52 deg Weather cold front passing thru then sunny skies Water color clear to stained This was a fun trip Bob Tyler called me up and
    Facebook 06 February 2013    Like · Comment
  47. mycampmate
    Have you ever thought of doing something like this?
    How to become a Workamper -
    Guide to becoming a workamper. Find all the information you need to become a workamper with our step by step guide
    Facebook 05 February 2013    Like · Comment
  48. mycampmate
  49. mycampmate
    Do you think we are on the verge of loosing our hunting heritage in California? What about where you live?
    O'Mordha Outdoors: The problems with a hunting blog
    Facebook 23 January 2013    Like · Comment
  50. mycampmate
    Come on Niners!
    Facebook 20 January 2013    Like · Comment
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