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  1. Jeanne
    Jeanne, Tallassee
    Just joining the group. We live at the entrance to the "Tail of the Dragon" and love all the bike action in this area of the Smoky Mountains.
    14 May 2013    Like · Comment
  2. Johnnie
    Johnnie, Ooty
    Thank you, armoured motorcycle gear!

    With you I broke seven ribs, my collar bone and my femur, and had minor internal injuries. That was seven weeks ago, and I'm now walking, talking and on the mend.

    Without you, I don't think I would be ;-)

    It won't be long before I'm riding again, but next time I'll look out for drunk drivers who pull out onto the main road and nearly kill me!

    "Live to ride, ride to live"

    X Johnnie
    27 October 2011    Like · Comment
  3. Mustafa
    Mustafa, Istanbul
    25 August 2011    Like · Comment
  4. James
    James, Seattle
    Hello, I'm interested in coming to India in January 2012 for three months and touring the country on motorcycle. Looking for someone in-country to help plan itinerary and possiblly travel with. Thanks, James.
    02 July 2011    Like · Comment
    1. Mustafa
      Mustafa, Istanbul
      25 August 2011
  5. Johnnie
    Johnnie, Ooty
    Hi! I'm Johnnie, a big, brave motorcycle rider who rides through the jungle, the cities and the mountains of India.

    Two thousand people die on the roads in India EVERY DAY, so I wouldn't recommend any bike that does 0-60 in 1.2 seconds - you'd probably be dead after 0.75 seconds!

    The ideal bike for India is the Royal Enfield. The standard bike is the Bullet 350cc which does 0-60 in about 3 weeks. It's a robust bike, and has the advantage that you can have it repaired or serviced anywhere in India.

    I have a Royal Enfield Machismo 500cc - Black and chrome - think Village People and YMCA (although I never wear black leather hot pants while I'm riding), and a Royal Enfield Classic 500cc. The Classic 500 is a real joy - probably the best thing ever to come out of the Royal Enfield factory since it started producing motorbikes in 1913. I have only covered 1800 miles on the Classic 500 since it was build six months ago, but I'm hoping to find a touring partner soon and put some serious miles on the clock.

    What bike do you ride, and why did you choose that make/model?

    26 June 2011    Like · Comment
  6. motorcyclists
    Welcome to the Tripping Community Network for Motorcyclists! Join this Network to connect with other Trippers who love to motorcycle all over the world. Happy travels!
    16 June 2011    Like · Comment
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