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  1. hostelling-international-new-york
    Hostelling International - New York
    Via our friends at Hostelling International - Canada, Roger Federer: soon-to-be hosteller, backpacker, and guy who snores on the top bunk ;)
    Roger Federer wants to travel as a backpacker after retirement
    The Swiss reveals the secrets, priorities, childhood dreams and much more related to his life
    Facebook 31 July 2013    Like · Comment
  2. hostelling-international-new-york
    Hostelling International - New York
    Just a reminder that this Sunday we'll be hosting the day party of the "Music Frees All" festival at the hostel. Suggested donation for guests, $10 for the public!
    Facebook 20 July 2013    Like · Comment
  3. hostelling-international-new-york
    Hostelling International - New York
    Hello, friends from all over the world! It's an exciting day because we've just launched the brand new! Visit us for more information on activities, volunteering, special events and job listings!
    HI - New York Hostel :: Hostel to Reserve in the United States
    Hostel to book and reserve online in New York, USA
    Facebook 18 July 2013    Like · Comment
  4. hostelling-international-new-york
    Hostelling International - New York
    Skinny-dipping in New York: can't say we recommend it, but it looks like some people do:
    Daring Enough to Bare It All for a New York Swim
    Technically speaking, skinny-dipping is illegal in the city, but that has not stopped swimmers from taking the risk and baring it all.
    Facebook 17 July 2013    Like · Comment
  5. hostelling-international-new-york
    Hostelling International - New York
    What are the most touristy places in New York City? Why, let's find out from Yelp!
    Yelp Wordmap:
    Yelp Wordmap: explore patterns in the urban fabric of New York. Density of the word "tourist" in Yelp reviews.
    Facebook 09 July 2013    Like · Comment
  6. hostelling-international-new-york
    Hostelling International - New York
    We're excited to announce our new travel series with our good friends at WeHostels, where we tackle different parts of the travel planning process. The first one is called "Travel Like a Baller on a Budget" and it's happening a week from today at Alley NYC! Come on out and join us!
    The New York Travelers' Guild
    The Internet is freaking awesome. Not only does it enable you to look at amazing photos of cats, but it also has opened up the possibilities of epic international travel on the cheap. Join us for a co
    Facebook 06 June 2013    Like · Comment
  7. hostelling-international-new-york
    Hostelling International - New York
    Hi friends! Because we love you, we created a calendar of all of the free concerts happening in New York this summer. Check the calendar against your arrival date to see who's playing for free this summer!
    Facebook 24 May 2013    Like · Comment
  8. hostelling-international-new-york
    Hostelling International - New York
    Hello to all of our friends around the world!

    We wanted to clarify something about our alcohol policy since we've been seeing reviews on TripAdvisor that speak to the lack of alcohol within our facility.

    First off, we want to say that we pride ourselves on being an excellent resource for young travelers coming to New York for the first time, and we really do our best to make sure you're having a good time. A lot of consideration goes into the activities and services we provide, and we're always working to improve them. If you have any suggestions on activities, please don't hesitate to contact us at or send us a message on facebook up above.

    Serving alcohol within our premises is a very complicated matter, and we have to consider both our neighborhood community as well as the general safety and well-being of our guests. Securing a permit for serving alcohol is a delicate issue, and one that we're working to find an amenable solution to. However, this solution will likely not be available in the very near future.

    In the meantime, we try to offer many opportunities to entertain yourself as you see fit outside of the building. We offer at least one nightly outing to alcohol-serving establishments, and these are always guided by one of our staff or volunteers. In addition, we're more than happy to point you towards a number of fine establishments in the neighborhood. They're a great place to meet locals, and we have close relationships with many of them because of that.

    We take your feedback very seriously, and use it as the basis for improving our services all of the time. Unfortunately with some matters, the issue is more complicated and cannot be easily or quickly resolved. We hope you'll understand, and we can promise you'll have a good time anyway, and that we'll do everything in our power to make sure you do!
    Facebook 21 May 2013    Like · Comment
  9. hostelling-international-new-york
    Hostelling International - New York
    Check out the beaaaautiful new lobby of the HI - San Francisco Downtown Hostel, which has just been remodeled. Great work, guys!
    San Francisco Downtown Hostel unveils newly redesigned lobby
    Posted by Allison on Tuesday, April 30, 2013San Francisco Downtown Hostel unveils newly redesigned lobbyThe San Francisco Downtown Hostel has completely redecorated their lobby to exemplify what they're calling an "urban rustic" design aesthetic, with a few unexpected twists. Check out a photo galle...
    Facebook 09 May 2013    Like · Comment
  10. hostelling-international-new-york
    Hostelling International - New York
    Some of the best free summer shows in New York are in Brooklyn at Celebrate Brooklyn! They've launched their summer lineup, and it's going to be great!!!
    Celebrate Brooklyn Calendar :: BRIC
    Facebook 08 May 2013    Like · Comment
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