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  1. Edith
    Edith, Montréal
    Hello there, i will be visiting Guatemala from Oct 26-Nov 9...
    Can't wait... Anyone from Guate here? Tips, hosts, friends & all are welcome! :)
    20 June 2013    Like · Comment
  2. Kelly
    Kelly, Miami
    Will be in Iceland with my boyfriend end of March. Anyone up for a meet and greet?
    30 January 2013    Like · Comment
  3. Sam
    Hi I'm gonna be in the New Orleans area soon, arriving by train if you have a place for me to stay I have bike, will ride. Thanks!
    24 January 2013    Like · Comment
  4. naba
    naba, Kathmandu
    welcome to himalayan Nepal
    19 December 2012    Like · Comment
  5. naba
    naba, Kathmandu
    Anybody like to trekking in Everest Nepal. welcome just a 13 days trek for the Everest base camp Nepal
    19 December 2012    Like · Comment
    1. Jen
      Jen, San Francisco
      That sounds AMAZING! Wish I had time to go to Nepal right now... Have fun, Naba :)
      19 December 2012
  6. Alex
    Alex, Lucknow
    Hi .. Anybody wanting to travel to north India, I would be happy to assist or if you coming to my city then can stay with me..
    08 October 2012    Like · Comment
  7. Adriana
    Adriana, New York City
    If you need a bedroom in New York, I have a peaceful bedroom for you; please check my profile for details and pictures.
    03 September 2012    Like · Comment
  8. arjun
    19 August 2012    Like · Comment
  9. arjun
    19 August 2012    Like · Comment
  10. arjun
    hey friends i am arjun from india rajasthan jodhpur if anybody want tovisit rajasthan iam always happy to become host and guide formy friends

    19 August 2012    Like · Comment
  11. arjun
    hey friends i am arjun from india rajasthan jodhpur if anybody want tovisit rajasthan iam always happy to become host and guide formy friends

    19 August 2012    Like · Comment
  12. arjun
    hey friends i am arjun from india rajasthan jodhpur if anybody want tovisit rajasthan iam always happy to become host and guide formy friends

    19 August 2012    Like · Comment
  13. Joseph And Natoyah
    Joseph And Natoyah, Fairfax
    We are setting out on our new adventure! Cutting all of our junk down to what we NEED and are heading out by car to explore our great country, USA. We hope to explore new communities and places, learn new things, share our stories and make new friends! Would you be willing to host us :) we're a great family if you ask me lol
    Follow the Swifts as they travel and explore different cultures and communities; sharing and learning about themselves and the world around them.
    18 July 2012    Like · Comment
  14. Jack
    Jack, Esbon
    Esbon fest is on August 11th. Everyone is welcome and can camp out for the night if there are no rooms left available in the area. Esbon Kansas is not far from the center of the united states. The locals are very friendly and like to have a good time. Its deep in the plains of Kansas so make sure to be prepared with all your needs. There will be food available till about 6pm and beer is available all night. Volley ball, mud drags, car show and wheel chair racing are a few of the activities to participate in or watch. Hope to see you there.
    17 July 2012    Like · Comment
    1. Jen
      Jen, San Francisco
      This sounds awesome. I've never been to Kansas but this seems like a good reason to go!
      17 July 2012
  15. Kimberley
    Kimberley, Brundall
    Hey guys

    My names Kimmay and new to tripping.I recently finished a psychology Degree got a job and yearned to travel everyday i was at work so last week I quit my job and decided to go travelling i leave on the :
    27th July for the Philippines for 2months ,
    Arrive in Vietnam 27th Sep,
    Arrive in Cambodia 27th Oct,
    Arrive in Laos 27th Nov
    Arrive in Thailand 27th Dec
    Arrive in Malaysia 18th Feb 2013
    Arrive in Indonesia 26th Feb 2013

    Does anyone have any great advice for Backing through these countries during these times and any cheap ideas for accommodation?? i would be such a help to me, as i haven't really had time to plan :~ i just needed to get out of my current environment. Thanks


    Im totally free for meet ups, coffee,meal or party adventure so message me if your in any of these place at these times.

    Kimmay xx
    14 July 2012    Like · Comment
  16. Kate
    Trying to find the most affordable backpacking gear -- does anyone know of a quality used/exchange site?
    18 June 2012    Like · Comment
  17. Jasmind
    Jasmind, Honolulu
    Hey planning a trip cross the US of A! Any tips on places to stay, stories, or advice? Thanks!
    24 February 2012    Like · Comment
    1. budget-travel
      Budget Travel
      Very cool, Jasmind! When are you hitting the road and for how long??
      24 February 2012
    2. Jasmind
      Jasmind, Honolulu
      leaving NJ on 2/29 and arriving in LA 3/13. I think the biggest concern is going to be logding costs. Going with a friend, and we plan to do some grocery shopping for snacks and small meals to avoid eating out a lot. We're not making many stops, just Nashville, 4Corners and The Grand Canyon are must sees.
      24 February 2012
  18. Kayla
    Kayla, Los Angeles
    Hey! I'm new here! My boyfriend and I are planning to travel for a year in August, any advice or suggestions? We want to hit Italy, Peru, Argentina, France and spain.
    15 February 2012    Like · Comment
  19. Eric
    Eric, Siem Reap
    Among the cheapets places to travel for budget travelers is the southeast Asia...I come from there.
    19 January 2012    Like · Comment
    1. julio
      julio, Fort Lauderdale
      any places in particular, the cheapest flight i have found was to indonesia for 2200, it is way over my flight budget. South America here i come!
      16 March 2012
    2. budget-travel
      Budget Travel
      16 March 2012
  20. Nate
    Nate, San Francisco
    I agree with Rod! Check out the villages.
    11 January 2012    Like · Comment
  21. Rod
    Rod, San Antonio
    The best places for budget travelers in foreign countries is in the villages. If coming to Belize check out www.sanantoniobelize.com
    03 January 2012    Like · Comment
  22. budget-travel
    Budget Travel
    Great tips from The Lost Girls on how to travel on a budget! :)
    10 October 2011    Like · Comment
  23. Jasmind
    Jasmind, Honolulu
    Anyone ever drive across the US on a budget? Any tips on how save for the trip? Where to eat, where to stay, etc...?
    20 September 2011    Like · Comment
    1. budget-travel
      Budget Travel
      Yes! Few tips - stay with locals (a la Tripping), eat cheaply by buying from grocery stores (convenience stores/gas stations have microwaves you can use to 'cook') and McDonald's rocks for free wifi AND awesome coffee. :)
      10 October 2011
    2. Jasmind
      Jasmind, Honolulu
      Awesome! Thanks!
      10 October 2011
  24. Bya
    Bya, Pasadena
    For me, budget travel is about getting value. I want to eat, sleep in a REAL place (not a chain) and meet REAL people (not a tour guide). Let's have a cup of coffee/tea and a chat. Bya
    11 September 2011    Like · Comment
  25. Kari
    Kari, Boston
    Anyone have expense cutting tricks while you're on the road?
    05 September 2011    Like · Comment
    1. Manu
      Manu, New Delhi
      My 2 cents, based on local travel in India -
      In case your trip will take more than 6 hours, prefer traveling by a night train that drops you at your destination by morning. For me it saves a day's boredom and sometimes a night's hotel expense too!
      11 April 2012
    2. Jen
      Jen, San Francisco
      Good question. I like shopping at local markets or grocery stores, then treating myself to a nice restaurant meal on occasion. In addition to saving money, it's fun to try new foods and see what the locals eat.
      11 April 2012
  26. Aleta
    Aleta, West Palm Beach
    I have a shoestring budget for travel!
    03 September 2011    Like · Comment
    1. Kari
      Kari, Boston
      me too!
      03 September 2011
  27. budget-travel
    Budget Travel
    Traveling in the US and your flight is cancelled? You are owed a free ticket. Check it out: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/01/30/travel/30prac-flightrights.html?_r=2
    31 January 2011    Like · Comment
    1. Jeffrey
      Jeffrey, New York City
      Always ask, you never know!
      03 April 2011
  28. Tripping
    Tripping, San Francisco
    Welcome to the Tripping Budget Travel Network! Have fun sharing stories of your adventures and what you've learned along the way with fellow budget travelers from around the world.
    09 January 2011    Like · Comment
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