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Tripping brings the best part of travel to your home. People like you!

Whether you meet a Croatian couple for coffee, share a home-cooked meal with some Brazilian backpackers or invite Australian travelers to sleep in your spare room, being a Tripping host is sure to spice up your life. Here are our top 10 reasons to host travelers:


Eat more pancakes.

Or omelettes or fresh baked bread. The point is, being a Tripping host gives you an excuse to slow down, tune in and enjoy life. You'll find yourself taking more walks, cooking more meals and having more conversations. So why wait? Life's too short to put it all off.


Fall madly, deeply, desperately in love with your city.

Once you've told your Trippers about the summer movie nights in your local park, the house-made liqueurs at the secret underground speakeasy, and the best neighborhood to get cool vintage clothes and insanely good burritos, you'll step back and realize you live in the most amazing city in the world.


Stay in a Fijian
bungalow for free.

The more Trippers you host, the more friends you'll have around the world. The more friends you have around the world, the more places you'll have to stay when you travel. Just imagine - if you host a student from Fiji this week, you could be drinking grog on white sand beaches this time next year.


Drink scorpion bowls
at a dive bar with a Latvian, a Brazilian expat and two university buddies.

Truth can be stranger than fiction, and it's often more exciting. Hosting allows you to have experiences that will make your life more colorful, cultural and interesting. So ditch the remote, host some Trippers, and start racking up stories that will make you the life of any party.


Learn what "Pus Pus"
means in Swedish.

For the record, it means kiss, kiss and it's a cutesy way of saying goodbye. But that's just the beginning - when you host people on Tripping, you'll be able to learn all sorts of phrases in foreign languages. And if you're interested in learning a language instead of just picking up slang, you'll have plenty of native speakers to practice with. Capisce?


Realize you were oh so
wrong about _____________.

Nobody likes to be wrong. But when it comes to important stuff - like the way we perceive other cultures and people - it's vital to recognize our misconceptions and prejudices. Hosting travelers gives you a real opportunity to learn about other cultures, foster understanding beyond borders, and be part of a global community.


Have German backpackers
buy you a boot of hefeweizen.

Trippers are incredibly grateful for your hospitality and will often return your generosity with simple tokens of appreciation. They might bring you a bottle of wine or serenade you with a ukulele. Or maybe they'll leave an incredible reference for you on Tripping. No matter the details, your generosity will be greatly appreciated by your guests.


Travel anywhere in the
world without packing a bag.

No time to travel? No problem. Tripping lets you experience some of the best parts of travel from the comfort of your home. Start hosting today and the people, the stories, the cultures and the food will come to you. No packing required.


Be part of their
best day ever.

Say it's Tuesday evening and you're sitting around watching tv. Then suddenly a bunch of Trippers arrive at your door, full of gusto and excitement. They're on holiday and loving life. You take them out on the town and your blah Tuesday is transformed into an adventure. You're going to love it.


Feel great, have fun and
pick up
good karma.

Our community relies on the generosity of hosts, who give their time and energy to visiting Trippers. And Trippers, in turn, get a chance to return that hospitality by bringing wine, helping with the dishes and just sharing stories about their home. For something that has nothing to do with money, you're going to feel very rich here.

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