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Stay in a vacation rental, explore off-the-beaten path locations and enjoy the culture of your vacation destination!

HomeAway offers over 675,000 properties in 190 countries, making them a top online destination for travelers seeking local home rentals for their vacation needs. With beach houses, condos, apartments, studios, cottages, chalets, villas, cabins and more, HomeAway's selection of vacation rentals is as impressive as it is inspiring.

Founded by Brian Sharples and Carl Shepherd in 2005, the idea for HomeAway was born out of Sharple's frustration over negotiating in the highly fragmented vacation rental industry. Fueled by the desire to help other travelers experience the enjoyment that Sharples had when renting vacation homes for his own family that offered more space, amenities, and greater flexibility than the average hotel stay, Sharples and Shepherd have created one of the largest online marketplaces for vacation rentals.

Save $50 on new 12-month vacation rental listings at HomeAway.com with coupon code: TRIPPING50. Expires Dec 31st, 2014.


*Terms & Conditions: Please note that this coupon is only valid for new listings, not renewals, and does not apply to platinum-level subscriptions.

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"Check out...apartments to rent in the places you're visiting -- these are often cheaper than hotels..."

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