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CitiesReference - Vacation rental apartments in capital cities worldwide

Cities Reference sells trustworthy and hassle free vacation rental apartments in 220 destinations in Europe and the US

Trust. No Hassle. No Frills. Practicing transparency, Cities Reference always displays the final, all inclusive price of a listing--leaving out the extra frills that drive up the cost of rentals. Instant Booking confirmation and an easy 3-step booking process allows renting an apartment to be easy. In-person Verification ensures a safe, quality rental. Cities Reference contributes to a simpler world and simpler way to travel.

Born from Roman Reference, a vacation rental site started in Rome in 1996, Cities Reference has been a major source for European apartment rentals. Since 2006 it has been under the name Cities Reference and has grown to include listings throughout the world. Operated by EGE group Srl, still based in Rome, it offers the same quality service it has guaranteed since its inception.

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