Community FAQs

  • What is's Community?'s community is a social platform where travelers can connect with local people for tips, shared cups of coffee and homestays in over 175 countries. By providing a safe and easy way for travelers to engage in cultural exchange, can transform a simple vacation into a meaningful, life-changing experience.

    In addition to connecting travelers with locals, also aggregates and offers the widest selection of local home rentals on the planet. From Fijian bungalows to New York City lofts, travelers can use to step off the tourist path and stay in unique local spaces in over 36,000 cities worldwide.

  • What are 'Trippers'?

    All members of the community are considered to be "Trippers." But when talking about how our site works, we tend to call traveling members "Trippers" and members who are currently at home "locals."

  • Is the Community safe?

    Yes! This is because our members honor the trust-based community we are creating and are empowered to make good decisions about their own safety. Check out our TripSafe Center for more information about how we help keep our members safe at home and on the road.

  • I'm a local. Why should I connect with travelers through

    If you're passionate about travel, culture and meeting new people, then connecting with travelers through is the perfect addition to your social life. You'll be able to experience the world without ever packing a bag and then when you have time to travel, you'll have people to meet and places to stay all over the globe. For even more reasons to start connecting with Trippers, check out our Top 10 Reasons to Host.

  • I'm a traveler. Why should I connect with locals when I'm traveling?

    Our members connect with locals for travel tips, shared cups of coffee or even free homestays. Meeting up with a local can instantly make your trip more colorful, cultural and memorable. Just as an example, it can be the difference between

    A) Simply visiting the Statue of Liberty and buying the obligatory I <3 NYC shirt; and

    B) Partying with New York locals on a rooftop in Brooklyn after spending the day shopping at the best vintage stores in Williamsburg.

    Which would you rather do? We thought so.

  • As a local, do I have to host Trippers to be part of the Community? appreciates the generosity of you offering your home to travelers, but we never expect or require you to do so. Even if you don't host Trippers in your home, you're still an invaluable member of the community and can be an amazing resource for travelers. Try meeting up for coffee or showing a Tripper around town instead. Terms of Useclose
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