About the Community

In addition to being the leading search engine for vacation rentals, Tripping.com has a vibrant community of travelers in 175 countries. As a member, you can connect with travelers and locals for coffee, conversation and free homestays around the world. By giving you a safe and easy way to engage in cultural exchange, we hope Tripping.com will transform your trips into meaningful, life-changing experiences. Join now to start meeting fellow travelers!


Tripping.com for locals

When you're home, Tripping.com is a great way to meet travelers who are visiting your city. Whether you share travel tips, cups of coffee or even your home, your day-to-day life is sure to become more colorful, cultural and fun. You'll get to experience the world without ever packing a bag and then, when you have time to travel, you'll have friends to visit and places to stay all over the world.


Tripping.com for travelers

When you're traveling, Tripping.com lets you connect with locals who will introduce you to their towns, their cultures, their lives and their friends. As a member of our community, you'll feel welcome everywhere you go and you'll get to experience the world on a deeper, more meaningful level.

Started by a few friends who are passionate about travel and technology, Tripping.com is about connecting good people around the world and encouraging cultural exchange. Come join us!

Old Fashioned Hospitality

Tripping.com is a strong community because - at its core - are people who genuinely care about making the world a better place through cultural exchange. Trippers tend to do good things for each other simply because that's a good thing to do. (Call it karma, old fashioned hospitality or whatever you like.)

Our community relies on the generosity of locals who give their time and energy to visiting Trippers. And Trippers, in turn, get a chance to return that generosity by helping with the dishes, bringing a bottle of wine or even just sharing stories about their home.

For something that has nothing to do with money, you're going to feel very rich here. We only ask that you treat everyone with respect and kindness. And, no doubt, you'll receive it in return.

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