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Anis Salvesen is an avid traveler, polyglot and foodie. She travels a couple times a year to Europe and when home in the Bay Area takes as many weekend trips as she can. Her dream is to set foot on all 7 continents. She's the marketing manager at

Finding the Cheapest Flights: Google Flight Search vs KAYAK

The following is a comparison of Google Flight Search vs KAYAK by our blog editor, Anis Salvesen. Google Flight Search recently made a splash by rolling out Flight Search in Europe. There had been some controversy surrounding Flight Search, over … Continue reading

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Bouncy Bridge Across the River Seine

Last fall, as part of “A Bridge in Paris” competition, the Parisian architecture firm of Atelier Zündel Cristea  proposed a series of three giant inflatable trampolines 98 feet (30m) in diameter spanning the river Seine. The bouncy, floating platforms would … Continue reading

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5 Things You Didn’t Know About St. Patrick’s Day

Every year on March 17th, many of us celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.  Chicago dyes their river green, NYC hosts a parade that draws almost 2 million spectators, and on the Caribbean island of Montserrat it’s an official holiday.  We’re all … Continue reading

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The Most Interesting Photo Project in the World: An Interview with Dayna Barringer of The Flip Slide

Dayna Barringer is currently in Southeast Asia working on the most interesting photo project in the world – The Flip Slide.  She’s retracing her grandfather’s travels around the world and taking photos of the same places, from the same angle, … Continue reading

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Top Off-Peak Destinations for Spring Travel 2013

Destinations that are hot for winter travel and popular in summer offer travelers a magical window of time where they can beat the crowds, enjoy lower prices and still have lovely weather – the spring shoulder season.  Here are our … Continue reading

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An Interview with Lindsay Young of Urban Adventures

If you’re looking for a destination’s hidden gems, a tour with a local through Urban Adventures is a great way to go! We recently caught up with Lindsay Young, an avid traveler and member of the Urban Adventures team.  Check … Continue reading

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The Day The Niagra Falls Froze

Does Niagra Falls, one of the world’s most-visited attractions, actually freeze over? During a particularly long winter cold spell parts of the falls can develop a hardened crust of ice up to 50 feet thick.  But neither the falls nor … Continue reading

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Fairy Tale Destinations Around the World

So many destinations are incredible, but there are a few places on earth which are truly magical.  Places that look straight out of a fairy story.  Inspired by Tell a Fairy Tale Day (February 26th), we collected our favorite fairy … Continue reading

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5 Must-See Amman Attractions

With 7,000 years of recorded history, Amman is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world.  It was originally built on 7 hills, which today help define the city’s various neighborhoods. At every corner you’ll find something to … Continue reading

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Top Spring Break Destinations 2013

Spring is in the air and it’s time to travel! Whether you’re a college student on holiday, a family of travelers, reliving spring break or just wanna get away, here are some hot destinations for you. Tamarindo Costa Rica Find … Continue reading

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