PocketGuide: Explore a New City with a Personal Tour Guide


Traveling to a new city?  Explore your exciting new destination with your own personal tour guide via PocketGuide.  It’s a brilliant app that leads you through a city, just like a real tour guide.

Here are some of our favorite features of this awesome app:

  • The content was created by top local tour guides and personally tested by the PocketGuide team.
  • Travelers can record their experiences via videos, photos and personal commentary and create a 3D video with one click.
  • The app, once downloaded, can work in offline mode, so the traveler need not pay any roaming charges.

PocketGuide offers guides for dozens of available cities all over the world – from Stockholm, to Wellington to Buenos Aires.

It’s a Win!

To download your free PocketGuide app with the exclusive $6 bonus code for Trippers, click here!


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