World Wide Wed: Piecing the Globe Together

Everyone has holiday traditions with friends and family. Some sing carols, some play board games, some watch movies. To celebrate World Wide Wed and holiday traditions, here are some photos of Trippers spending some time on our world.

Thanks Andrew, Chris, and Andy for the glimpse into your holiday! And congrats on conquering that puzzle!

What are some of your traditions? We’d love to hear/see them! Please comment below and post any photos you may have to our facebook wall.



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2 Responses to World Wide Wed: Piecing the Globe Together

  1. sandanona5122 says:

    Good to see Trippers all over the world ….except, hold on a minute, what happened to Illinois? Happy Travels to all in 2011 ~

  2. frugalbargainer says:

    What a Tripping event! I love puzzles and board games over the holidays.

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