Trippers on the Road: Postcard from Australia

It makes our day when we get postcards from Trippers, such as the ones that were written by travelers in AlaskaNorway, Greece, and the Berkshire Mountains.

Today’s mail delivery included a postcard from Craig, an Aussie who just returned home from a long trip:

We always love hearing about your travels, especially if you’re meeting up with Trippers along the way. Send us a postcard from wherever you are and we’ll share it on the blog:

Tripping HQ

The Presidio, PO Box 29593

San Francisco, CA 94129

United States

The cycling kangaroo is now up on our wall. Thanks, Craig!


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2 Responses to Trippers on the Road: Postcard from Australia

  1. frugalbargainer says:

    I love getting postcards from friends when they are traveling – more than anything love the scenes and my mom loves to rip the stamps from me.

  2. Lauren Haunani Nicholl says:

    Craig mate- I can’t wait to get back down under! Will make sure to hit you up for a schooner of Super Dry when I do :)

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