Vote for Tripping for the Mashable Awards!

Mashable, the top Internet news blog, just announced that the voting period for the 4th Annual Mashable awards is now open. These awards are really prestigious and we’ve been nominated for Mashable’s ‘Most Promising New Company’ category!

Anyone can nominate companies, so we’re hoping to harness the raw awesome power of our faithful Trippers to get nominations for Tripping. The companies with the most nominations will then advance to the final round in November. Being in the final round would give Tripping great exposure, which will help our community grow and thrive.

As most of you know, Tripping is a social entrepreneurship company dedicated to making the world a better place through cultural exchange. While we have a lot of heart, we don’t have big marketing budgets… so we’re hoping that you guys will support Tripping by nominating us and spreading the word. Do you think you can help us out?

Nominating Tripping is really easy:

1) First, click here & sign into Mashable using your Facebook or Twitter account

2) Nominate “Tripping” in the Most Promising New Company category.

3) Continue voting every day (if possible) til November 29th

We sincerely appreciate all of your support – thanks in advance for nominating us!

-Grahame, Jen, Nate, Jeff, Bianca and Katy

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4 Responses to Vote for Tripping for the Mashable Awards!

  1. londonexpat08 says:

    I just voted and I’ll do my best to remember to vote often. Good luck Tripping!!!!!

  2. tinacheung says:

    I just voted as well! Go Tripping!!! Happy Travel Awaits!

  3. Apopotamus says:

    Nice! Keep Tripping

  4. sandanona5122 says:

    Thanks for making travel connections fun, easy and interesting. You’ve got my vote, Tripping!

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