Where Do You Want To Go?

Over at KrisAtomic there is a beautifully simple blog post entitled “I want to go there”, featuring fantastic photos of the places that Kris wants to visit. If you had unlimited funds right now, where would you like to go? Do any of these photos, collected by Kris from Flickr, inspire travel ideas?

We’d love to hear about where you’re planning to go next – tell us in the comments and bonus points if it involves staying with locals on Tripping!


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2 Responses to Where Do You Want To Go?

  1. frugalbargainer says:

    These photos are stunning – displaying the beautiful of Earth’s wonders.

  2. Lauren Nicholl says:

    I feel like I ask myself this question every day. And every day it’s a different answer. If I had unlimited funds, I think I’d just head to the airport and see what happens… I’d love to be able to afford absolute spontaneity.

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