Get To Know New York

Today we are showcasing New York City from a local’s point of view. These photos were taken by a Tripping member, Bianca, from New York who wants to show off a side of the city that isn’t usually seen in tourist photos. This is the side of New York that you can see if you meet and stay with locals on your journeys – the local flair that you only get when you step off the tired tourist path.


Do you want to showcase your city or town? Send us 10 photos of your city and we will post it here on the blog and on!


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7 Responses to Get To Know New York

  1. anis_salvesen says:

    What great photos of New York! I love the one from the subway. I can’t wait to see other cities.

  2. Mark Rojas says:

    Never been to New York, and its so nice to see it the way a local would.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Pink tulips in New York!? How beautifully unexpected :)

  4. tinacheung says:

    Reminds me that I should visit Central Park. I still have not been there though I’ve visited NY many times.

  5. Lauren Nicholl says:

    Love these photos Bianca! They really showcase the diversity of your city. Can’t wait to come visit!!

  6. NinaYNT says:

    All the pics look so great Bianca! I went to NYC in early April and took bunch of pictures of local scenes (and touristy ones too haha!) Love using photography to document my trips!

  7. InternetGorilla says:

    Love the last photo…Pimp my ride Puerto Ricaneo style!))

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