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The View From Your Front Door

A slight riff on Andrew Sullivan’s View From Your Window blog series, here is a View From Your Front Door. Taken from the front doors of Tripping members, these photos show you what fellow Trippers see when they step out … Continue reading

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Where Do You Want To Go?

Over at KrisAtomic there is a beautifully simple blog post entitled “I want to go there”, featuring fantastic photos of the places that Kris wants to visit. If you had unlimited funds right now, where would you like to go? … Continue reading

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Tripper Profile – Jef from Belgium

Whenever we have a free minute around here, we love looking at the profiles of new Tripping members. There are some really great people in our community and we thought you might like to meet some of them through the … Continue reading

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So Much More than a Free Bed

When I tell friends about the concept of hospitality exchange, their usual reaction is, “So… you mean your accommodation is free?” “Yes,” I sigh, “but there’s so much more to it.” Yes, you get a place to sleep. You also … Continue reading

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The Strangest Places on Earth

The Earth is a very big place, and intriguingly strange landmarks are all over the place. You may have been to the pyramids or Machu Pichu, but crazy man-made landscapes are still being created. Over at MatadorTrips they have a … Continue reading

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Get To Know New York

Today we are showcasing New York City from a local’s point of view. These photos were taken by a Tripping member, Bianca, from New York who wants to show off a side of the city that isn’t usually seen in … Continue reading

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T-Shirt Design Contest!

We need the help of all Tripping members and fans! We’re designing a Tripping t-shirt, and it only has two requirements: our delightful logo and a ridiculously memorable (and potentially hilarious) catchphrase. We need your help with the catchphrase part. … Continue reading

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Last week we highlighted TripSafe, one of our core safety features. Today we’re going to tell you about another feature – References. The most fundamental of our safety features, References describe what it is like to meet, host, travel with … Continue reading

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Trippers on the Road: Postcard from Alaska!

We just got a postcard from a Tripper who is traveling in Alaska! Check it out -

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World’s Greatest Swimming Pools

Over at there is a blog post about the most incredible swimming pools in the world. These pools are all incredible in some way, either because of their record-setting sizes, their incredible locations (one hangs over a city sidewalk!), … Continue reading

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