Hidden Cities of the World

From abandoned subways to underground catacombs, every city has its secrets. Check out this post by NileGuide.com to see cool photos of hidden spots around the world.

Sure, those places take a little extra effort to explore, but we bet it’s worth it. And a photo of you winding your way through hidden passages in Japan’s Ninja Temple – yes, we said Ninja Temple – sure beats posing in front of Big Ben with a hundred other tourists.

So how can you find some hidden treasures on your next trip? Talk to the locals! Tripping has members in over 80 countries – which means that you can connect with lots of local hosts who are eager to share their cities with you. To start connecting with great people all around the world, learn more about Tripping today.

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One Response to Hidden Cities of the World

  1. sophiDUH says:

    it’s my dream to be a ninja. just added Japan’s ninja temple to my bucket list

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