Tripping, NY Style

In honor of Tripping being at Techcrunch Disrupt in New York City, we just created this video to help explain how Tripping lets you step off the tired tourist track and straight into the local culture.

Want us to feature your city in a video like this one? Tell us why in the comments and our next video could be for your hometown!

The Tripping Team
PS – Are you at TechCrunch Disrupt? Stop by our booth on Tuesday – we’d love to meet you.


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13 Responses to Tripping, NY Style

  1. Tripping says:

    By the way, our friends over at helped us put this together in record time. A big thanks to Tom, Dalton & Michael – you guys are awesome.

  2. grahamelesh says:

    Mmmm, recession hot dogs…congrats Tripping! Awesome video :)

  3. Lauren Nicholl says:

    Great video!! Good luck to the Tripping team at TechCrunch Disrupt. Way to disrupt the future of traveling; I have no doubt you’ll get a lot of tripping techies after this week. ;)

  4. burwham says:

    Boston, MA!! Here’s why…Beers at Game On! before going into Fenway park, and a sausage from “The Sausage Guy” when the game lets outThe Pedi-cab rides home from the barThe Microbrews on the patio at Other Side CafeHaving breakfast in JFK’s booth at the Paramount on Beacon HillCeltics,Red Sox,Patriots, Bruins – The City of Champions ;) Harpoon FestRunning through the fountain at the Christian Science center in SummerThe view from Top of the HubThe shopping on Newbury streetThe secret entrance to BodegaMike’s Pastry in the North EndAnd if that doesn’t convince you, two words: DUNKIN DONUTS.

  5. Mark Rojas says:

    Yessss please, feature my city San Francisco! I know this is where you guys are based, so it only right to showcase us next)) Way to be disruptive @Trippers @TCDisrupt

  6. Kristina says:

    Budapest! Please!!! This is why: Endless wine tasting options in underground cellars, fairytale style alleys and buildings that bring you back to 1820 (or at least to WW2:) – you can breathe the history wherever you go, delicious hungarian spicy pancakes, kolbasz (spicy hungarian sausage) and the fisherman’s soup, breathtaking views from the castle hill, the prettiest Parlament in the world, the oldest spa complex in central Europe right in the heart of the city and a cafe culture you won’t forget! And more but I can’t say it all cause I don’t have all night! :) But I will if you pick BUDAPEST! All the best guys, show them how Tripping saves mankind!

  7. anis_salvesen says:

    Cool video about Tripping. Who wouldn’t want to ditch crowded tourist areas to hang out with locals? Cool people, yummy food,

  8. anis_salvesen says:

    I got so excited I posted pre-maturely. As I was saying, Cool people, yummy food, maybe some drinks – sounds pretty damn good to me. Good luck at TechCrunch Disrupt guys! Eat a Gray’s Papaya dog for me.

  9. sophiDUH says:

    this is beautiful. finally a company that understands the importance of finding a quality hot dog. @trippers @tc

  10. nananapua says:

    monstordesign did a great job with this video! I think NYC was a good choice for the first video too, most people can relate to it. we’ll have to do an international city next! =D

  11. Lauren Nicholl says:

    :) I can’t stop watching this video. It’s so happy. It’s like the trailer to making the world a better place…

  12. Katy Birnbaum says:

    I agree with Mark. San Francisco is just asking for it :)

  13. frugalbargainer says:

    Simple, refined w/ an elegant touch. Tripping meets Kate Spade aka New York. <3 it.

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