“This tastes like a spring roll.”

Tripping HQ had the pleasure of hosting two sweet girls from Taiwan this week. Students from Taipei, Joanne and Ariel have been studying abroad in Chicago for the past year. Their visit to San Francisco marked their final days in the States and we were happy to send them off in style.

As the girls had never tasted Mexican food before, we took them to Tommy’s on Geary, a local spot famous for its legendary margaritas. After carefully studying the menu, Ariel and Joanne both decided to order chimichangas (deep-fried burritos – very delicious, not very healthy).

Soon after our orders arrived, we asked what they thought of Mexican food. They chewed thoughtfully for a moment before responding in unison “It tastes like a spring roll!”

It made us laugh and appreciate the fact that we were having Mexican food that tasted like Chinese food in America with travelers from Taiwan. Isn’t cultural exchange amazing?

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8 Responses to “This tastes like a spring roll.”

  1. Lauren Nicholl says:

    mmm now I have a strange craving for Mexican and Chinese…

  2. NinaYNT says:

    Thanks to Tripping! You guys make cultural exchange more amazing and rewarding! (BTW, these two girls look so familiar to me…)

  3. nananapua says:

    this is sooo cool. i always talk about how there’s no real mexican food on the east coast! haha

  4. Mark Rojas says:

    Nice…Sounds like good times at Tommy’s. I’ll have to remember to check this place out when i”m in the mood for Chinese/Mexican fusion)))

  5. Kristina says:

    Chimichanga! Aaaah, I think I’m not cooking italian tonight! Have a safe, volcano ash – free flight home girls!

  6. frugalbargainer says:

    #Tripping, I’m glad the girls got a chance to experience Tommy’s. It’s a legendary place in San Francisco and speaks for itself.

  7. anis_salvesen says:

    This is hilarious! It totally made my day. Thanks for sharing; it’s cool stories like these that make hosting people and sharing other cultures with them so much damn fun.

  8. ejd8 says:

    What an awesome story. I can’t wait to get traveling again myself and eat some foreign food!

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