Must See Monday – Ireland

Ireland, also known as The Emerald Isle due to its beautiful greenery, is home to gorgeous coastal landscapes along the Atlantic, crumbling castles and landmarks out of history, and countless cozy hole-in-the wall pubs. With such rich culture, stunning natural beauty, and great food and music, it’s obvious why Ireland is so popular among travellers. […]

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Must See Monday – Washington D.C.

Many Americans travel to Washington D.C. each year in search of expanding their patriotic knowledge. However, Washington D.C offers much more than historical monuments and national landmarks. Take some time to visit these must-see locations in Washington D.C. Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial The National Martin Luther King Jr. in West Potomac Park is a […]

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Must-See Monday: 5 Vacation Destinations in Maine


Ah, Wicked Cool! As the northern most state in the continental U.S., Maine is often overlooked as for the family vacation. But if you’re not considering it for your next New England getaway, you’re seriously missing out. Maine has rich forests and parks, beautiful coastlines and harbors and, arguably, the best seafood in the nation. […]

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Must-See Monday: Top Vietnam Destinations


This post on the top Vietnam destinations is contributed by Hayden Lambirth, Southeast Asia and Indochina travel extraordinaire: In 2010 and 2011, I traveled extensively throughout Indochina, the peninsula in Southeast Asia lying East of India and Southwest of China. This peninsula has a rich culture with heavy influences from both China and India, resulting […]

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