Villa, Cabin or Cottage? A Guide To Naming Your Vacation Rental

naming your rental

With over five million vacation rentals around the globe, and only three seconds to capture the attention of potential guests, the importance of creating a dialed brand is critical. A brand should quickly and clearly define the experience or product, with the actual name being very much central. For example: Apple:  Think Different De Beers:  A […]

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Three Vital Tips to Protect Your Vacation Rental Profits

vacation rental profits

Now that you’ve opened your vacation home, hired your help and are maximizing occupancy, it’s important to know how to protect your vacation rental profits. Having managed $100M+ businesses at one point in life, I can tell you that the backbone of fiscal control is managing information. Unfortunately, clear bookkeeping is the easiest for newbies […]

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The world’s largest vacation rental search engine grows its inventory by integrating thousands of new properties worldwide through a new partnership with Perfect Places., the world’s largest vacation rental search engine, has announced a partnership with, a popular vacation rental site based in Mountain View, California. Perfect Places’ robust inventory of over 60,000 […]

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