Coachella: The Craving and Creating of Festivals

For us Trippers in the Northern Hemisphere, festival season is finally here!! I am personally ecstatic because I am en route to my very first Coachella music festival in Indio, California! (I have dreamed of this day for seven years.) Three days of hot sun, cold beer, good company, and live music from all over the world. Does it get any better? Actually, it might…


In preparation for this epic event, I have memorized the lineup, listened to the old faves and new finds, coordinated transportation and accommodation, and of course, shopped! However, I have recently discovered so much more to be excited about. I owe this excitement to the workings of The Creators Project and all the preparation they have been doing for this weekend. Be warned: their website, blog and videos will suck you in and if you aren’t about to attend this year’s festival, you will experience unsolicited fascination with a side of extreme envy. So proceed with caution.


While I have been all about the music (and the clothes), now I am anticipating so much more to this wonderous weekend. Had I experienced my first Coachella when I was 18 years old, my ears may have been blown away by the sound, but my eyes would have missed out. This year, all senses get a treat thanks to the combined efforts of all artists. I think it’s safe to say that it was worth the wait. I’ll let you know…


Need a place to stay for Coachella?  Check out the Indio rentals starting around $30.

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  • Jennifer

    Coachella was a passion for my nephew, tragically, he passed away in February at the tender age of 21. Well, today is his birthday and this post popped up on my news feed first thing this morning…i know he is here with us, and his spirit will be at Coachella, and he wont have to run around and make sure he can see all the bands and not miss any! I dont think it’s a coincidence that this post is the first thing i saw this morning so i just felt compelled to tell everyone that he is here all around us, and go and experience Coachella for him and all of those that cant– and be careful,,,thanks for the post, Jennifer

    • Jennifer

      Oh, and i forgot to say that his mom has now set up a memorial page and a fund to gather money and resources together to help deserving kids the chance to go to shows like Coachella, because he was All About the Music! Celebrate his life and your own!

      • Tripping

        What is the link?

    • Tripping

      Thank you so much for sharing your nephew’s story, Jennifer. We could feel his spirit at Coachella. I’m sure he enjoyed the show as he had the best seat in the house. People definitely live forever in music. Thank you again and Happy Birthday to your nephew.

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