#TNI: The Morning After

This is a guest post from our Travelers’ Night In Recapper Lauren, AKA @Wanderzloz. What’s #TNI? It’s a gathering of travelers on Twitter – click here to learn more or look below to read our favorite tweets from last night’s discussion. – Grahame

“Water World”

photo from mobilelawyer

Alright #TNI-ers, let’s raise our glasses and toast that magical liquid that keeps us alive, afloat, and abreast with each others’ travel tales! Thank you H20 for supplying the party this week- ironic, no?

The Pre-Party: The More the Merrier

Every week #TNI’s attendance grows with new enthusiastic and engaging travelers. Like the Tripping Community, #TNI is stronger in numbers. Below are some newbies who joined the party this week. Please welcome them warmly so they will return! Reply a hello, kindly retweet, follow and/or list them. You obviously have something in common: theroamantics, hotelPRguy, dennisdjacobs, 604gems, theplanetd

The Party: Discussion

As we all know, water comes in many forms. Lakes, oceans, rain forests may draw us to a destination or spark our adventurous sides. In turn, our adventurous sides may lead us to some bad run-ins with water. Whether good or bad, it tends to add something memorable to our adventures.

The Good

photo from mobilelawyer

schulketravel: Peyto Lake is one of the most beautiful places I’ve hiked!

tomtravel2: Rosewood Mayakoba Riviera Maya Mexico

Mel_Cancun: French Polynesia looks like the perfect place on Earth to be.

GloboTreks: El Yunque Rainforest in Puerto Rico. The only rainforest in the U.S.

The Bad

globaldish: 5 words – Attempted Murder by a Jellyfish.

TravelingPerly: Kuwait during the Gulf War. I could taste the oil mix in water.

BreatheDreamGo: huge wave slammed me nose first into the sand on Pacific side of Costa Rica — hundreds die there every year due to rip tides

thecitizeNY: My scariest incident on the water — a boat ride down the Seine with a group of American tourists ;-)

The Ugly

whereisjenny: Me an my pet piranha whom I caught in Brazil!

tranquilotravel: in #India my wife sucked a live cockroach through a plastic straw, always check your straw!

Jaguardman: Los Angeles, CA it took a good month to get use to all the chemicals in the H20

mobilelawyer: Can I just answer the “worst” part? Anywhere with guys in banana hammocks

Tips and Tidbits

besttraveldeals: There is some amazing white water rafting in Pennsylvania for beginners and pros. Highly recommended.

BudgetTraveller: Freshwater West, Pembrokeshire in Wales is a classic spot for surfing.

GRobin: Beach with hottest human scenery? All the beaches in St Barths. Beautiful men and women.

coreyann: Don’t use the tap water to brush your teeth in Punta Cana.

The After-Party: Celebrations, Connections, and Cheers

Like all good parties, the doors of #TNI stay open long after the scheduled end time. Some are fashionably late or don’t even make it to the party, but still join in the fun afterwards. Here’s a little taste of what happened after Q10:

Shantiwallah: The afterchat on #tni is as good as the actual event. I like #tni people.

simcmanus: I feel guilty for missing today’s #TNI and my Friday feels strangely vacant.

TransAmericas: OK, whose idea was it to have waterworld #tni on the anniversary of #Katrina

valentinavitols: #TNI was, as usual, a wonderful highlight of my Twitter week. I always look forward to it. So nice to hear (read) everyone there!

Here’s To The Hosts!

If anyone knows the invaluable importance of a good host, it’s a Tripper. Like a successful trip, behind any successful event is a fabulous host, or in #TNI’s case, fabulous hostesses! This party would not be possible without the ladies from Zip Set Go. Thank you ZipSetRachel, ZipSetAndrea, GoApril, and GoSaraBeth! And cheers to this week’s co-hosts: Gadling, traveldudes, mobilelawyer, bridaltravelguy

Next Week’s #TNI: “Festivals”

Join us for #TNI on Twitter next week at 3:30 PM EST on Thursday, September 2nd. Hope to see you there!


  • mobilelawyer

    very proud to have been a part of the TNI wrap up this week. Was a great time.

  • frugalbargainer

    What a wonderful recap of the TNI this week. Beautiful photos! I wonder if #TNI will do a chat about safety sometime.

  • Lauren Nicholl

    Very proud to feature you Michael! You always add to the great time :)Tina- Thanks!! There was a #TNI a while back about Nature vs. Human Impact on Travel, which was filled with safety talk. But you know if there’s another one solely on safety, Tripping will be all over it! :)

  • Lauren Nicholl

    You’re welcome! Thanks for the awesome piranha photo :) See you Thursday!