Crazy Trees

I ran across this post from called the “10 Strangest Trees on Earth”. These trees look like they came straight out of James Cameron’s Avatar or some other sci-fi movie, but they can be found right here on our beautiful planet.

Check out some of our favorites:

The Tree of Life in Bahrain

Baobab, Madagascar

Chapel Oak of Allouville, Bellefosse

Can’t you just picture the Na’vi living in the first one?

I know I’ve seen some crazy trees on my travels. The 8 year old in me wanted to climb them, of course, and I’m pretty sure I’ve indulged my inner 8 year old at least once. Have you ever seen any of these trees, or ones like them, in your travels?


  • frugalbargainer

    There are some beautiful trees near New Orleans, Louisiana and into the South. I’ve taken a few of the historical plantation tours and several had trees that were several hundred years old including ones that become part of the architectural facade of the building. Thanks for posting this!