How To Get A Friend To…

…Drive you to the airport.

The situation is very simple. You need a ride to the airport, and you have two options: 1) get a friend to give you a ride, or 2) pay an exorbitant amount of cash money on a taxi. Let’s say the airport is a good half hour away. How do you convince your friend to drive you? Here are 4 ways to do it!

1) Bribe

This one is easy. Simply buy a simple something for your friend, and then refuse to hand it over until you are dropped at the curb at the airport. Make it something easy to get that you know your friend will want, but something cheaper than a 30 minute taxi ride. In college a 6-pack works well, but when your friends mature and acquire fancier taste buds, then, well…a 6 pack will probably still work. Just not Keystone anymore.

2) Hold Hostages

Now, the truly desperate traveler will kidnap family members or pets in their quest to force a friend to give them a ride to the airport. Here at Tripping we do not condone that kind of behavior, as it may lead to this “friend” no longer having anything to do with you. And that means no ride to the airport. Darn. However, I believe there is some leeway in the rules when it comes to holding iPods or laptops hostage, pending the friend’s acquiescence to your demands for a simple ride to the airport. Just make sure you are all the way to the curb before releasing the hostage back to its owner, as a nice game of hostage-taking between friends can escalate quickly.

3) Carjacking

In this situation, a variation on #2, the airport bound traveler (you) takes the friend’s keys and threatens to simply drive his car to the airport, park it in an illegal zone, and leave it to accrue massive amounts of parking tickets and towing fines. The friend, afraid of the massive amounts of parking tickets and towing fines, then agrees to drive you instead.

Wait. This is getting out of hand. How about…

4) Be a good friend!

…And they’ll be a good friend to you. Which means a nice, pleasant ride to the airport. Awwwwwwwwwww…..

Happy travels!


  • Anonymous

    You would travel from SFO, right? Now I’m going to live in constant terror of you asking for a ride to the airport. Although if you kidnapped my little dog, he’d probably think it was cool, especially if you let him stick his head out the window of my car as you drove it to the airport.

  • Anonymous

    Nice one Grahame! A beautiful segue into tomorrow’s TNI on “Pay it Forward” ;)

  • Katy Birnbaum

    Luckily for us SF folks, the BART is rad and takes us inside of the SFO terminal for like $8. It’s still never a bad idea to pay it forward though :)

  • frugalbargainer

    Friends are great, but public transit is awesome too! Like Katy said, a trip to SFO is affordable $8 from within the city and a couple dollars more from suburbs/East Bay and Contra Costa. Loved the $2 dollar something fare from Washington DC to Dulles International Airport! LOVE! Loved the $7 I paid to get from JFK Airport to a hotel in NYC (within 2 blocks of it). Saved myself over $70 bucks! (Extra Time? Only an extra 20 minutes!!!).