The View From Your Front Door

A slight riff on Andrew Sullivan’s View From Your Window blog series, here is a View From Your Front Door. Taken from the front doors of Tripping members, these photos show you what fellow Trippers see when they step out into the world each day:

Taken by Maria in Lisbon, Portugal

Taken by Grahame in SoHo, New York City USA


Want to see these views for yourself? With Tripping, you can step straight into these neighborhoods and live like the locals for a few days. And then – when it’s time to continue your journey – you can open the front door and get one more glimpse at these streets before you head on your way.

Taken by Katy in San Francisco, California USA


Taken by Jeff in Stratford, Connecticut USA

Taken by Bianca in the Upper East Side, New York City USA

We’d love to see the view from your door, too. Send a photo to us at and we’ll share it here on the blog. And we’re going to make this a recurring feature, so keep those photos coming…


  • Lauren Nicholl

    I LOVE this concept. Thank you for the glimpse into your everyday lives trippers!

  • londonexpat08

    Nice idea!

  • frugalbargainer

    I love this idea as well. It reminds me of the photos of various refrigerators. Seeing these photos is a glimpse into another culture and way of life. Love it! Keep it coming!