T-Shirt Design Contest!

We need the help of all Tripping members and fans! We’re designing a Tripping t-shirt, and it only has two requirements: our delightful logo and a ridiculously memorable (and potentially hilarious) catchphrase. We need your help with the catchphrase part.

Post your catchphrase and slogan ideas in the comments below, post them on our Facebook Page or Tweet them at us (@trippers).

If we pick yours, you’ll get a bunch of shirts with your slogan (of course) and our undying respect for your mad slogan-writing skills.

Good luck!


  • Anonymous

    Vacation fantasies? Start Tripping………

  • Anonymous

    I’m Tripping on travel!

  • Anonymous

    Hard work never killed anyone, But why chance it? Tripping for your next vacation.

  • Anonymous

    Got a case of the travel bug? Try Tripping.

  • Anonymous

    Need a break? Take a deep breath and start Tripping…….

  • Mark Rojas

    It’s better than sleeping in an alley somewhere. ( – ) ( O )

  • nananapua

    Seeing the best local spots on your vacation?* You must be Tripping.*can also be replaced with some other cool tripping fact. feel free to mix in your slogan! =]

  • anis_salvesen

    For the t-shirt design contest, I propose “World Tour 2010.”

  • Apopotamus

    I like Im tripping on travel Michele :D”Life is a trip”

  • Ryland Ferguson

    some ideas for the shirt http://twitpic.com/27crzm

  • Anonymous

    Whether your a day tripper or a Sunday driver……… It don’t take long to find out………… TRIPPINGThanks Apopotumas : )

  • Anonymous

    Want to tip toe through the tulips? Tripping for great travel trips……

  • Anonymous

    To err is human, to vacation is divine. Tripping (why risk it?)Could imagine quote on front of T & “Tripping” on the back

  • Anonymous

    Go. Learn. Share.

  • Anonymous

    (front of “T”) Having fun yet? (Back of “T””) You must be Tripping on vacation

  • Anonymous

    (front of T): Tripping?(back of T): Send me a postcard!