Trippers on the Road: Postcard from Alaska!

We just got a postcard from a Tripper who is traveling in Alaska! Check it out -

We always love hearing about your travels, especially if you’re staying with one of our awesome Tripping hosts. Send us a postcard from wherever you are and we’ll share it on the blog:

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  • NinaYNT

    This reminds me how awesome it feels when getting postcards from friends traveling abroad!

  • Lauren Nicholl

    Aww warm fuzzies!

  • frugalbargainer

    I love receiving postcards from my friends when they travel. Cute whale drawn on the postcard. Alaska has some great whale sightings.

  • anis_salvesen

    Postcards are so much fun! I love receiving them, especially when they have cute drawings or funny stories. In this case, I love the whale!

  • Katy Birnbaum

    I’m going on a major road trip in August, so you can expect a stack from me :)

  • Mark Rojas

    I too love giving and receiving postcards from abroad. So nice to know that people are out there thinking about you!