World’s Greatest Swimming Pools

Over at there is a blog post about the most incredible swimming pools in the world. These pools are all incredible in some way, either because of their record-setting sizes, their incredible locations (one hangs over a city sidewalk!), their stunning views, or their historic nature. Check out some of our favorites. These pools truly deserve the adjective “epic”!

Have any of you ever been to, or swam in, any of the pools described in the post? Share your stories, or suggest some of other epic swimming pools you have seen or heard of.


  • NinaYNT

    The city sidewalk one is quite scaring actually.. But I’d love to challenge it!

  • Mark Rojas

    I’ve been to the Gellert Spa in Budahpest, it was amazing just like in the photo. We got old school massages and relaxed by the pool outside as well. Would love to hit up the pool in Bali, looks incredible.

  • kikopom

    I agree Mark, love the Gellert spa! And all of them look really cool!

  • tinacheung

    Thanks for posting this Tripping. I recognize 1 of the pools because of the Hong Kong skyline overlooking Victoria Harbor aka the Harbor Plaza Hotel rooftop pool. They have some great pools in Hong Kong. I also love the Hearst Castle pool which is listed as some of the top pools in the world according to the original blog post.

  • tinacheung

    I personally love the pool at the Golden Nugget Hotel in Las Vegas’ prominent Fremont Street experience. When you go down the water slide, you will see sharks and other fishes because there is an aquarium in the middle of the pool. See a photo here:

  • Lauren Nicholl

    OMG the fourth photo- the pool, the ocean, the sky. Something so serene about all the blues. I want to be there NOW.

  • anis_salvesen

    Wow! These pools are amazing! One pool in which I would love, love, love to swim is the infinity pool at the top of the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. (

  • Katy Birnbaum

    I’m going to my first SF pool party August 1st. I doubt it will be as extravagant as these, but who has a pool San Franciso!?