6 Quick Camera Tips

We all want to remember our favorite moments and places from our travels, which is why we carry cameras whenever we hit the road. Since no one wants to come home from a trip with photos that don’t live up to the memories, here are some quick camera tips:

1. Smaller is better

The more portable the camera, the better. Technology has advanced to the point where a camera the size of a cell phone (or a camera that is a cell phone) can take photos of impressive quality. This is a great perk for traveling photographers, but be careful about sticking that small camera in your pocket – there are lots of professional thieves out there who will skillfully snatch it while you’re on a crowded bus.

2. ____ proof!

You have to “proof” your camera from more than just water! The worst case situation for travel photographers is to lose the perfect set of photos. Water, gravity, clumsiness, and other tragedies can strike at any time, causing an unlucky traveler to lose all the great photos that he or she has accumulated throughout the trip.

Preventative measures must be taken! If you’re shopping for a new camera, check out a waterproof one. (At the very least you can use it as a fun party trick by dropping the camera into your drink to shock your friends.) Or use a waterproof case that will both keep your equipment safe and enable you to take underwater photos. Finally, make sure you have a way to attach your camera to your wrist or backpack to make sure that gravity doesn’t grab your precious camera from you. But if an accident should happen and you lose that photos stored on your camera, make sure that you…

3. Back everything up!

If you want to truly be safe, try to find an Internet connection at the end of each day to upload your photos to your Tripping profile, Facebook or your laptop. Taking the time to back up your photos may seem like a pain but trust us, you’ll be happy you did.

4. Plan In Advance

Have an idea of where on your journey you want to take your photos. That way when you get to the perfect spot for a photo, be it at the top of the Grand Canyon or in front of Buckingham Palace, all you need to do is point and shoot to capture the moment and memory.

5. Be Careful Of Who You Give Your Camera To

When handing your camera to a stranger (to take that picture of you in front of a giant castle or monument) choose wisely! I suggest asking yourself this question when picking a photographer: can I outrun this person?

6. Finally, Be Spontaneous!

Some of your favorite shots will inevitably come when you least expect it. Keep an open mind and a camera around you at all times, and you’ll end up with some great shots.

Whether you’re staying with locals or hiking through Europe, travel photos will help your memories stay fresh. Good luck and enjoy,


ps: We ran Travel Photo Contests on our Facebook page throughout June – check out the winning photos!

  • Mark Rojas

    Hahaha, I like the part where you say think to yourself “can I outrun this person?” I’m gonna start handing my cam to old ladies, not just because they are slow, they are also very trustworthy.

  • anis_salvesen

    Great tips on how to get & keep the best travel photos. I like the idea of using my Tripping profile to back up my photos. Of call of the things I’ve lost while traveling, photos are the ones I most regret losing.

  • nananapua

    I was thinking about getting one of those ___PROOF cameras. I LOVE my digital camera but i drop it alll the time and its just too fragile. =/ any suggestions on which shock/water/dust proof camera is best?

  • tinacheung

    Regarding Tip #2, I highly recommend those of us who are water sport enthusiasts (or enjoy beaches/water sports in general while traveling) to invest in a water proof camera and a water proof SD card. It beats the disposable 1 time use water proof cameras and the price has dropped a lot for them. They are small and most can easily go 10-15 feet without problems. For better protection, get a water proof SD card to go with it because I’ve lost photos once when water got into my waterproof camera!

  • Katy Birnbaum

    I use to hate taking pictures when I was traveling because I would come home with a bunch of bad pictures of really amazing things in one hand and a pile of postcards with better shots of the same thing in the other. So for a while, I stopped taking pictures–which was so stupid! Now I realize that those silly pictures of me and my friends posing in front of places are really the best. Even if they are totally touristy and cliche, they are 100% worth doing. In this this instance, I would say act like a tourist :p