Tripping Users Do The Diski Dance!

In honor of the World Cup Final in South Africa (coming up this Sunday), we’ve created a video of Trippers doing the Diski Dance. The Diski is a South African dance derived from football moves. It was created specifically for the World Cup 2010, with each move named after a different area of the country of South Africa. Check it out:


Check out LearnToDiski to learn for yourself! It is a very fun dance to learn, and especially easy if you’ve ever kicked a soccer ball around.



  • Anonymous

    Great fun! [: GOOOOO ESPAÑAAA!!!

  • Lauren Nicholl

    Haha love it! Turned out great guys :)

  • Lauren Nicholl

    PS. Love the chest bump part ;)

  • Mark Rojas

    Great editing Grahame))) soooo much fun!

  • anis_salvesen

    I love the girl doing the Diski dance in NYC w/ an injured arm! So cool how you had Trippers in different cities all dance. And I must say, the dog is cute. ;)

  • NinaYNT

    Wow well done! And I love love the NYC girl!

  • biancanyc
  • sophiDUH

    awesome vid! and major props for the ac milan jersey

  • frugalbargainer

    I truly enjoyed watching it and recognize Baker Beach! Beautiful backdrop and great dancing!

  • Kristina

    Awesome video! You guys rock!

  • Katy Birnbaum

    Cute! And great locales :)