Tripping Spotted Out And About

Check out this cool photo that one of our traveling Trippers (is that redundant?) sent us, showing his suitcase with a Tripping luggage tag!

We gave out these great luggage tags at the Techcrunch Disrupt tech conference in May, and we still have a few that we’d love to give away. How about we give some to you?

The next 10 people who email me at contact @ with a link to their Tripping profile will get a free luggage tag. And who knows – maybe we’ll get to feature a photo of your bag and tag in an upcoming post!


  • Lauren Nicholl

    Mine was spotted in San Diego too! I gave a couple of mine to friends and family and I happen to have a lot of luggage, so I can always use more if you have extra! ;)

  • NinaYNT

    Wow what a cool luggage tags!! It’d be hard not to drag attention from fellow travellers haha!

  • frugalbargainer

    I bet that Tripper did not confuse his/her bag w/every OTHER black bag!

  • Mark Rojas

    All the cool kids are doing it… “If Bobby jumped off the GG bridge would you?” “Uhhh…”