Tripping Photo Contest #4 Starts Today!

We’re running weekly contests on our Facebook page throughout June, in search of the best travel photos.

We just finished Travel Photo Contest #3 – congratulations to Mitchell Marlin for his wonderful photo of Lake Como. His photo was “Liked” by the most people this past week, which means that Mitchell wins a Boogie Board Travel LCD Tablet!

We are giving away one more Boogie Board this month. If you want a chance to win the last of these awesome Tablets, follow the same rules as the last three weeks: post your favorite travel photo to our Facebook page and see how many people you can get to “Like” your photo. The contest ends at Midnight PST on Thursday, July 1st.

Click here to get started!

Good luck!


  • Mark Rojas

    Good luck everyone!

  • NinaYNT

    ahhh I really do want a Boogie Board!

  • frugalbargainer

    I was wondering if there is a way to make it easier to vote in future contests? Some of the folks I’ve told the contest to seem to be a bit confused as to how to find and vote for other photos. Another option is running a travel video contest on YouTube.

  • sophiDUH

    i’m predicting another vandy student victory

  • Mark Rojas

    Woooooo Hoooooo there has been some great travel photos. They have been so inspiring. I love travel, photography, and i crave inspiration. Thanks.