Benvenuti! Italian Trippers Visit San Francisco

Tripping HQ had the pleasure of hosting 3 Trippers from Italy this week – Carlo, Marco and Stefano. Having just finished studying abroad at UCSD here in the States, they decided to take a road trip to San Francisco.

While wandering around the Mission District, they ran into friends they’d met while living in Scotland (who actually happened to be German and Canadian). So we all got together on Saturday night to share a meal, red wine and travel stories.

As many of you know, one of the best things about hosting Italians is that they’ll often offer to cook for you. And after a long day of sight-seeing, Carlo, Marco and Stefano nicely made pizza for everyone…from scratch!  Needless to say, it was molto delicioso and they’re welcome back at HQ anytime.

Buon viaggio, ragazzi!



  • Kristina

    Oooooh Next time Italians come I want to challange them to make a better tomato soup then mine :) I’m sure SF was a blast for all of them!

  • Tripping

    @Kristina – have you ever put raspberries in your soup? We had tomato-raspberry soup in New Zealand and it was amazing.

  • Kristina

    I haven’t tried the fruit trick yet, but I use homemade caramel for the sweetness. I’m sure the sour kick helps too. We should also make some pasta with vodka sauce – tomatoes are a miracle!

  • Mark Rojas

    Mmmmmm Im getting hungry! Looks like so much fun to host. I would like to try it someday.That’s also really cool that they ran into friends, it’s amazing how small the world really is. And tripping is helping to make it smaller!

  • anis_salvesen

    Ooh. I LOVE homemade pizza! At our house we make “Mexican-style” pizza (spicy) and eat it Norwegian-style (with dressing). But my husband and I both love the real stuff, the pizzas Italians make. It’s not easy to find authentic pizza, even in bigger cities, so when you get Italians flying in /driving over to make you dinner, that’s a treat. The stories and wine are a bonus. :)

  • Apopotamus

    Nice! wish i could have tasted some italian delisciousness. last month, I hosted a spanish and a french Trippers and I have to admit, they could cook as well. Can’t wait for a Japanese Tripper…..

  • NinaYNT

    wow I’m getting hungry here!! So guess the best way to taste all kinds of exotic food for limited budget is to host Trippers from all around the world!

  • Anonymous

    ooh jen, i love your HQ!

  • Sarah

    Having an Italian roommate then best friend were the best times for my stomach. sigh.