SMS / Text Messages – Fast, Free & Anonymous

Did you know that you can send free SMS/Text Messages on Tripping? It’s incredibly easy – check out these pictures or just follow these steps:

1. Go to your friend’s profile page and click on “Send SMS”

2. On the following page, write your message and click “Send”

3. Your message will appear almost immediately on your friend’s phone

This feature can be useful in any number of travel-related situations. For example, let’s say your flight is delayed and you want to tell your hosts that you’ll arrive late. Rather than worrying about getting a local phone, you can now send a text message straight to your hosts through Tripping. You save the cost of a phone call and your hosts will be alerted right away. It’s fast, easy and totally free.

We all know that travel plans can change, so take advantage of this great perk by updating your Account Settings now to allow other Trippers to send you SMS messages.

Tripping can help keep all your plans straight while still giving you the freedom to travel your way. (Yep, we’re good like that.)  Get started by sending some text messages today!

- Grahame

PS – Since this is a relatively new feature, we’re just testing it in the States. Want free SMS/Text Messages in your country? Let us know in the below comments.