A Tripping Homestay


We showed you the many examples of refrigerators from around the globe, but this time we want to show you a more tangible benefit of staying with Tripping Hosts: the beds that you will be able to stay on!

Imagine you have taken a long plane or train ride to get to a foreign country or you have wandered around seeing the sights for hours, and all you want to do is pass out for a few hours before traveling some more. You would sleep anywhere, but with Tripping hosts you can find some pretty comfy places to crash.

Check out these photos of the spare beds and futons that Tripping hosts have offered to you, the exhausted traveler, and go to Tripping to sign up and schedule a stay with a host in over 80 countries. If you have a spare room that you want Trippers to feel welcome staying in, send us photos to contact@tripping.com and we will post them here on the blog!

  • anis_salvesen

    Love the idea of posting photos of spare beds and futons available through Tripping! I’ll submit a photo of our airbed later today. What this blog post and the one involving photos of Trippers’ fridges made me realize is that you can tell a lot about a person based on what they eat and where they sleep (or the sleeping accommodations they offer others). The other thing I realized is that I did not use to watch ‘MTV Cribs’ just to be wowed by the cars and pools and entertainment systems; I watched Cribs because seeing what people eat and where they sleep is also really interesting.I can’t wait to see more submissions!