Wish We Were There

Check out this photo of Caribbean island St. Maarten taken by Amy, one of Tripping’s members. Oh, how we wish we were there!

Where do you wish you were right now? Show us your favorite travel photos and we’ll post ‘em on the blog.

Look under the break for more Tripping user submissions:


  • anis_salvesen

    Wish I were there too!!I just visited St Martin, for the first time in March – loved it! I’ll share a photo from Barbados to keep with the Eastern Caribbean trend (though hope people share lots of pics from elsewhere too!).

  • Mark Rojas

    Road trip…Oh wait i dont think we can get there by car. Maybe a watertaxi? looks amazingly relaxing…i can imagine being on the beach sipping some sort of frosty beverage, looking up at the clouds and saying to myself there is no place i would rather be right now!

  • nananapua

    So reading this made me realize, as I was sorting through travel pictures on my computer that I don’t have any scenery pictures from Hawaii on my new computer! I’ll definitely have to fix that when I go at the end of the month.

  • Mark Rojas

    @nananapua Sure rub it in : ) Never been to the islands, really need to get there!

  • Lauren Nicholl

    I wish I was laying on a secluded beach of a tropical island right now, especially when I’m sitting on my couch in sweats and uggs. Isn’t it supposed to be May??

  • burwham

    The one with the beach towel slung over the tree branch just makes me want to leave right now! Amazing.

  • cacklinglaugh

    I want to share a huge pint of beer with a nun :)