What’s In Your Fridge?

Refrigerators are often the best reflection of a local culture, given the unique foods and flavors contained within them. So we thought it would be fun to offer you a peek inside our fridges this week.

And we’d love to see yours, too. Simply take a pic, email it to us, and we’ll add it to our collection of fridge photos from around the world.

So how is this related to Tripping? Meeting and staying with locals gives you a personalized, in-depth view of other cultures. Forget guidebooks and standard issue hotel rooms – with Tripping, you’ll get to experience the world through the people who actually live in it.

It’s pretty great and, as far as we can tell, looking inside a local’s fridge sure beats staring into an overpriced hotel mini-bar.

  • Tripping

    Thanks for sending us your fridge pics – we just posted some from Trippers in Barcelona, Boston, Switzerland, Larkspur and San Francisco. Keep ‘em coming!

  • NinaYNT

    Everybody got a farely normal fridge, I wonder what would be the most bizarre thing fridged in it…

  • iMesssica

    While in Argentina and staying with a host I was told my breakfast was far too large and very American.I had half a potato and two eggs. Pretty funny!

  • anis_salvesen

    Funny. I never noticed how much you can tell about people from their fridges. In our fridge photo, you can clearly see that a Mexican (hot sauce, both corn and flour tortillas, avocados) and a Norwegian (cloudberry jam, a million other jams, two containers of sour cream, brown cheese) live here. Then again, it looks like we live off beer, Mexican food, cheese, jam and a few other random things like Costco sun dried tomatoes and local organic conserves. Also you can see that I started trying out the “meat-free lifestyle” (to quote a friend). “Taco Stuffers” (meatless ground-beef like stuff) made by Yves are awesome by the way! Wait – I just realized that even when trying new foods I still end up eating Mexican(ish) food. :)

  • Tripping

    Thanks for your photo, Anis. It’s interesting to see all of the different foods you mentioned in your comment – have you ever tried combining Norwegian and Mexican ingredients? Corn tortillas filled with Norwegian brown cheese and topped with a dollop of cloudberry jam could be the next big thing!

  • Tripping

    Fridge photos keep rolling in! We just posted new pics from Trippers in Russia, Japan, Slovakia, London, Arizona, New York and Washington DC… check ‘em out.