ZenRentals: Hosts FAQs

List Your Place

How can I create a great listing?

A well-crafted listing will attract guests and increase your rankings in Tripping’s search results. Here are some tips for making your listing stand out from the rest:

  1. Create an eye-catching title.
    Is your listing right on the beach? Be sure to include “beachfront” in the title. Does your listing have incredible views of the ocean? Add “with stunning ocean views” in the listing’s title. Catch eyes by mentioning what makes your space unique.
  2. Include photos that showcase your listing’s best features.
    Great photos are one of the best ways to inspire travelers to book your listing. Upload high-resolution photos of your home’s best features including nice views and photos of nearby attractions.
  3. Write engaging content in your listing’s description.
    Your description should include useful details (such as the number of bedrooms) while also painting a picture of what it would be like to stay there. We recommend you write 150 - 250 words and include details highlighting its best features. You could write, for example, “This spacious six-bedroom home is just 1 block from the ocean! Head home after a day of fun at the beach to relax beside your own private pool. Then enjoy a meal of freshly-caught fish at the cafe next door.”
  4. Set a nightly rate that is competitive with other listings in the area. Take a look at similar listings in your area and - to stay competitive - set a slightly lower nightly rate. Remember that cleaning fees and damage waivers will increase the total price of your booking, so keep that in mind when setting your price.
  5. Update your listing’s availability calendar regularly. Keeping your calendar up-to-date is important. Set rates for all available nights and your listing will immediately appear more often in search results. Note: only set nightly rates for dates that are definitely available, as available dates can be booked instantly. Update your calendar now.

What is Instant-Book?

Instant-Book means the guest can book your property instantly, just like they’d book a hotel room. When guests find your listing in search results, they can see your listing’s calendar and instantly book your property for available dates. You’ll immediately receive confirmation of the booking without needing to correspond with your guest first. To give you additional peace of mind, you can require that guests complete a damage waiver and undergo background checks during the booking process. All ZenRentals properties are Instant-Book enabled and available exclusively on Tripping. Click here to list your space via ZenRentals now.

Does my listing need photos?

Yes - your listing will not appear in search results until you upload at least one photo. Hosts with nice photos get the most bookings, so we highly recommend that you upload at least 5 high-resolution photos of your space. Pictures are an easy way to inspire travelers to book your property, so upload photos and start showcasing your home to travelers today.

Can I list multiple rooms for the same property?

Yes, you can list multiple rooms for the same property. If you create a listing for each room, then each room will have its own separate calendar and description. Remember to update all calendars if you happen to rent out your entire home, so that those rooms don’t get double-booked by accident. You can manage all of your listings from your personal dashboard.

How do I determine my listing type?

ZenRentals hosts offer a wide selection of listings, from rooms in a shared NYC apartment to private villas in the Caribbean. We categorize listings by the following Listing Types: Bed, Private Room, House and Apartment.

Bed: This Listing Type is typically sought by guests who want the camaraderie and social atmosphere of a shared space. These are often solo travelers who are looking for social interaction and are happy to share a room with new friends.

Private Room: This Listing Type is desired by guests who want to stay in a private room but also enjoy a personal connection with locals. If you’re listing a private room, be prepared to spend some time with your guests. They’ll enjoy it and we bet you will, too.

Apartment: This Listing Type is for guests who want to stay in a local neighborhood but are okay with sharing hallways, elevators and other common areas with residents of the apartment building. Only select this Listing Type if your guests will have the entire apartment to themselves during their stay.

House: This Listing Type is for guests who want to have an entire home to themselves. Homes can include houses, cabins, villas and castles. Only select this Listing Type if your guests will have the entire house to themselves during their stay.

If my property is located outside the US, will I be able to list it?

ZenRentals properties are located all over the world and we invite you to list your space. For now however, ZenRentals requires that hosts are based in the US and accept payments in US dollars. If you live outside the US, contact us and we’ll let you know when you’ll be able to list your properties.

Manage listings

How do I update my listing?

Simply log in to your ZenRentals account and click on the listing you would like to edit. Below each listing’s title you will see links to the following: Information, Amenities, Availability and Photos. Click into the section you wish to edit, make changes and then click the ‘Save’ button when you’re done. Your listing will be instantly updated to reflect your changes.

How do I suspend my listing and remove it from search results?

To suspend your listing, simply click "Disable Listing" in your account dashboard. It will be removed immediately from Tripping’s search results and guests will no longer be able to book it.

Reactivating your listing is easy. Click "Activate Listing" in your account dashboard and it will immediately appear in search results. If the calendar has been updated to show available dates, travelers will be able to book it right away.

If you wish to permanently delete your listing, please contact us and we’ll take care of it for you.

What is Guest Verification?

Guest verification is a complete identity verification and background check offered by ZenRentals via SafelyStay. SafelyStay checks the guest’s identity against dozens of national and international fraud and crime databases. As a host, you have the option of requiring that guests undergo verification during the booking process: it only takes a few seconds and it will stop guests with criminal records from booking your place. Please note that it costs $20 to verify your guests. We think it’s worth the peace of mind (especially since ZenRentals listings can be booked instantly), but requiring it is completely up to you.

How can I edit my listing's address?

To edit your listing’s address, go to the My Listings tab of your dashboard and select the listing you wish to edit. Click on the Information link below the listing’s title. Then simply edit the address in the My Location section. Once you save your changes, your listing’s address will be instantly updated.

Is my address visible to everyone?

For safety, we never publicly reveal your personal information or the exact address of your listing. We’ll only share your address and information once a guest has completed a booking.


What price should I set for my listing?

Look at other listings in your area to get a sense for the average nightly price. By setting a slightly lower rate, you’re likely to attract more bookings than your neighbors. We also recommend that you think carefully before charging a cleaning fee, as it will make your listing more expensive and less appealing to guests. You can change your rates anytime and the updated rates will appear instantly on your listing.

How do I set rates in my calendar?

Setting rates is fast and easy. Go to the My Listings tab on your dashboard and select the listing you wish to edit. Open your calendar by clicking the Availability link under the listing title. Now that the calendar is on your screen, simply enter the Start Date, End Date and Rate for the period during which you want a certain rate to apply. Click Save and your calendar will automatically update to show the new rate for the chosen period of time.

What are the fees that guests will see?

During the booking process, guests will be able to see your listing’s nightly rate along with the cleaning fee, damage waiver and our service fee. If you don’t wish to charge for a cleaning fee or damage waiver, these fees will not appear.

What is the Damage Waiver?

In lieu of a refundable deposit, hosts can require that guests buy a damage waiver, which often gives hosts more protection than a traditional deposit.
Hosts have 3 choices when creating a listing:

  1. Require no damage waiver
  2. Require a $30 damage waiver covering property damage of up to $500
  3. Require a $45 damage waiver covering property damage of up to $3,000

The damage waiver is a one-time fee and guests will see it during the booking process. If you have valuable items in your home, we strongly recommend that you require a damage waiver.

Should I charge a cleaning fee?

We highly recommend you hire a professional cleaning service to keep your property spotless. You can charge guests a flat cleaning fee or you can build it into your nightly rate. Since cleaning fees will increase the total cost of your listing, do your best to keep the cleaning fee low.

What is the service fee?

Hosts are asked to pay just 3% of the total booking price. This covers our credit card fees.
Guests are asked to pay a 10% service fee on each booking. This fee is used to cover ZenRentals’s costs and - since Tripping handles bookings and customer service for ZenRentals - a portion of the fee goes to Tripping as well.

Your Bookings

How does the check-in process work?

Arrangements for checking in are made directly between the guest and host. At the time of booking, hosts will receive their guest’s contact information so that they can set an arrival time and arrange for the key exchange. If you will not be available to give keys to your guest, you should leave them in a lockbox, send them through the mail or have a friendly neighbor meet the guest. Hosts are responsible for ensuring that guests have reasonable access to the property so be sure to communicate with your guest at least 7 days in advance of their arrival.

How do I give keys to the guest?

Whenever possible, you should greet your guests when they arrive to say hello and exchange keys. This is a nice way to welcome them to your home and answer any questions they may have. If you’re not available to meet your guests in person, you should leave the keys in a lockbox, send them by mail or have a friendly neighbor hand them over instead. Always make sure that the keys are in a safe, easy-to-find spot so that your guests are never left stranded outside your home.

What should I do if I can't reach my guest before check-in?

When your listing is booked, you’ll receive an email confirmation that includes your guest’s contact information. You should contact them at least 7 days prior to arrival to discuss the logistics of their stay (including their arrival time and the key exchange). As the host, you are responsible for ensuring that your guest has the correct information to access to your property. If you’re unable to reach your guests by phone or email, you should contact us immediately so that we can help.

If my guest fails to arrive, do I still get paid?

Yes. In the event your guest fails to arrive and had not previously cancelled the reservation, you will receive payment as normal, 24 hours after the original check-out time. You will receive an email confirming your payment, which you can also verify by logging in to your dashboard and go to the My Bookings tab.

What should I do if I feel uncomfortable around my guest?

Hosts have the option of requiring that their guests undergo a SafelyStay Guest Verfication in order to book their property. This identify verification provides extra peace of mind but it’s not a perfect indication of what your guests may be like. If you ever feel that your personal safety is at risk or you encounter an emergency situation, please contact the local authorities or emergency services right away. You’re also welcome to contact us directly and we’ll do our best to help.

How can I get more bookings?

Listings with full descriptions, beautiful photos and updated calendars get the most bookings. To further increase your visibility in search results, you can also feature your property via Tripping. It costs just $30/month and your listing will always appear at the top of search results in your area. Click here to feature your listing now or contact us if you want to discuss promoting your listing through Tripping’s popular social media channels.

Reservations And Cancellations

How can hosts cancel booking reservations?

In the event that you need to cancel a booking, please contact us immediately. We’ll contact the guest and take care of it for you.
Please note that you may be subject to cancellation fees or asked to leave the site if you have multiple cancellations. This is to ensure that guests always have a great experience booking unique spaces on Tripping.

What happens if my guest cancels the booking?

In the event your guest cancels the booking, our cancellation policy will be upheld and you’ll be alerted immediately via email. If the cancellation occurs within 7 days prior to arrival, you’ll receive the full payment from the guest. If the cancellation occurs before the 7-day window, the booking will simply be cancelled and your property will become available for other bookings.

Are guests eligible for refunds under extenuating circumstances?

In the event that extenuating circumstances prevent a guest from arriving, a manual refund may be issued. This means that the host will not receive payment for that booking. Please note that this is a rare occurrence and each case is reviewed by our team.


When do I receive payment?

Payment is held until approximately 24 hours after guest check-out. After the payment is released, it will arrive in the host’s bank account via direct deposit within 7 days.

How do I get paid?

We send payments 24 hours after guest check-out. When the payment is released, it will arrive in the host’s bank account via direct deposit within 7 days. The host will receive the full booking amount plus any cleaning fee, less the 3% service fee. If the host required SafelyStay Guest Verification for that booking, $20 will be deducted from the total amount transferred to the host. Our goal is to make it easy for hosts to receive payments and our team is standing by if you have questions about this.

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