What are Ratings?
Ratings are one of Tripping's core safety features. Based on a sophisticated algorithm and shown on a scale of 1-5 stars, ratings are a good indication of what it may be like to meet, host or stay with other members.

What do the stars mean?
Here is a basic guide to leaving ratings:

If you had a good experience with your host or guest, you should give 'em 5 stars!

If you had a pretty good experience, you should leave 4 stars.

If you had a neutral experience - neither overly good nor bad - you should leave 3 stars.

If you had a fairly negative experience, you should leave 2 stars.

If you had a negative experience and believe the other member should be removed from Tripping, you should leave 1 star. This will alert us and we'll be able to investigate the matter more thoroughly.

Who can leave Ratings?
Ratings can only be left by members who have engaged in hospitality exchange. This means that you'll have an opportunity to leave ratings every time you host or stay with another member.

Is it optional?
Yes - leaving ratings is always optional.

How do I leave Ratings for another member?
When you click to leave a reference for someone you have hosted or stayed with, you'll automatically see the ratings questions.

Can I edit Ratings?
Once submitted, your ratings are final and you can't edit them later.

When should I leave Ratings?
You should leave ratings soon after hosting or staying with someone, since the experience will still be fresh in your mind. There's no time limit, but we recommend leaving them within 30 days.

Why don't Ratings appear right away?
To ensure that the ratings you leave remain anonymous, they will be aggregated and averaged with those left by other members. It may thus take some time before they appear on the site.

Wait, so Ratings are anonymous?
Yes, ratings are anonymous since they're averaged with those left by other members. This means that you're free to be open and honest about your experience.

This system was designed to identify members who pose a risk to the community while simultaneously rewarding good members with good ratings. So don't worry about receiving an unfair rating - it should be overshadowed by the combined strength of your other ratings.

How do you calculate my overall Rating?
We have a sophisticated algorithm that determines your overall rating. Revealing the algorithm could compromise the safety of our members, so it's top secret.

How can I increase my overall Rating?
The only way to increase your overall Rating is by getting higher ratings from future hosts or guests.

I don't like my overall Rating - what can I do?
Because ratings keep our community safe, it's unlikely that Tripping will adjust your overall rating. To increase your rating you could work on being a better host or guest (we'll have some tutorials on this stuff soon, by the way).

If you have other questions, you're welcome to contact us directly anytime.

Thanks to everyone who has left ratings! You're keeping our community safe and we think you're great.

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